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Man lost Rs 2.27 Lakh while ordering food online

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 29, 2019  7:17:pm

Ordering food online has made life easy. With the help of online food ordering, you don't have to visit the restaurant in person. You can get the food delivered right at your doorstep. But, you have to be very careful when ordering food online, as online frauds are on the rise.

Fraudsters target people who transact online to cheat them and make quick money.  Recently a person from Indore lost Rs 2.27 Lakh while ordering food online.

Here is what happened

While ordering food online, a 42-year-old software engineer from Indore noticed that Rs 280 was deducted from his bank account for an earlier transaction. To know why the amount was deducted and claim a refund, he called the customer care number of the payment gateway company.

Two days after calling up the customer care number, he received a call from someone who introduced himself as a customer care executive of the payment gateway company. He promised the victim that he would get the refund of Rs 280. The fraudster asked the victim to download a remote device control app on his phone to get the refund. After downloading the app, fraudsters asked him to log in to the remote device control app and share the login key.

When he was asked to do all this, he got suspicious and tried to transfer money from his bank account to his wife’s account. But the transaction failed. He was worried and contacted the bank asking them to block his bank account. But, the bank just blocked his debit card and kept online/mobile banking active on this account. The next day he got to know that fraudsters had stolen Rs 2.28 Lakhs from his account in 15 transactions.

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How did this fraud take place?

1. Under this fraud, cybercriminals call you, claiming to be from a bank or company.

2. To make people trust them, they verify user details like name, date of birth and mobile number.

3. They promise to help out with any issues and make them download ‘AnyDesk’ or other remote device control app.

4. Once the app has been downloaded, fraudsters will ask the users to share the 9-digit app code or login key that is generated on his/her phone.

5. Once these details are shared, the fraudster takes full control of the victim’s device without their knowledge. 

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