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Most popular scams doing the rounds at present

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 03, 2020  3:51:pm

Most popular scams doing the rounds at present

The World is full of fraud. Fraudsters come up with new tricks each day, to make quick money by cheating people. The main reason why a lot of people are falling prey to fraud is lack of awareness. So, we believe that the first step towards fraud prevention is proper awareness. In this blog, we will discuss various frauds doing the rounds at present.

1. Request money fraud

As the number of people using UPI apps increases, request money fraud is on the rise. Request money fraud takes place through UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm.  Under this fraud, instead of sending money, fraudsters send collect requests. Many victims believing they will receive the payment, type the UPI PIN. With the UPI PIN, money gets debited from their bank accounts.

How to avoid this fraud?

Keep in mind that UPI PIN is required only to send money and not to receive it. So, never type your UPI PIN if you want to receive payment.

2. Remote access app fraud

Under this fraud, fraudsters contact, claiming to be from your bank or digital wallet company and ask you to download any Remote access app on the mobile. There are many Remote access apps like AnyDesk, QuickSupport, and TeamViewer. These apps are not malware, but they are misused by fraudsters to cheat people.  Once you download this app and grant all permission to fraudsters, they can gain full access to your phone, including the OTP.  

How to avoid this fraud?

You must never download any unknown apps recommended by strangers. Avoid granting all permission to your mobile device.

3. Fake customer care frauds

Fake customer care frauds have become one of the biggest frauds of our time. Under this fraud, fraudsters post their numbers as the customer care numbers of reputed companies. When the customers search for the customer care number on Google; these numbers posted by fraudsters pop up. When customers call up these numbers, fraudsters collect personal information and use it for carrying out frauds.

How to avoid this fraud?

You must never search for the customer care numbers on Google. Instead, visit the official website of the company and collect the numbers. Never share your personal details like card number, CVV, OTP, and other sensitive information with anyone over the call.

4. Job frauds

Job frauds are rising each day. Fraudsters use the names of reputed private and government companies to cheat people. They create fake websites and job notifications; similar to these companies and cheat people.

How to avoid this fraud?

You must always bear in mind that no reputed companies ask for payments for a job offer. So never make payments to unknown parties.

5. Dating scam

Under the dating scam, fraudsters create fake profiles on online dating websites and apps with the intention of cheating innocent people of their hard-earned money. After creating a fake profile, they contact rich people and get close to them. A few days after getting in touch, they make up a story and collect lakhs of rupees from the victims. In the recent past, many people have lost lakhs of rupees to online dating scams. This even happens in matrimonial sites. Fraudsters create fake profiles on matrimonial sites as well.

How to avoid this fraud?

Never lend to someone you meet on online dating or matrimonial sites. Do a thorough background check, before getting close to a person you meet online.

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