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New Traffic Rules You Need To Be Aware

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 20, 2018  1:32:pm

The condition of Indian roads are pathetic and more than 1.5 Lakh people die each year due to road accidents. This is mostly due to people’s lack of traffic sense. The government has decided to eliminate traffic offenses by framing laws and giving very strict punishment.

The research and development wing of the government works on developing laws, which promote road safety and implements strict rules for better traffic discipline. But, many people are not aware of new traffic rules that can lead to heavy fines and even cancellation of license. In this blog, we will be discussing new rules everyone should be aware of.

1. According to the new rules by the Rajasthan High Court, if a person is caught violating traffic rules including speaking on the phone while driving, the traffic police and the Regional Transport Office (RTO) can cancel his driving license. The bench of the Rajasthan High Court has made it clear that the details and photographs of lawbreakers should be sent to respective RTOs for the purpose of canceling the driving license.

2. Cities like Bengaluru, Pune, and Punjab are against the use of loud silencers on motorcycles. Now the police have been directed to seize motorcycles with illegal and loud silencers. Loud silencers lead to noise pollution, reduces the efficiency of the bike and it is also a big safety hazard.

3. In Uttarakhand, traffic police are allowed to seize offenders mobile phones along with their driving license if they are caught talking on the phone while driving. The mobile phone will be confiscated by police for at least 24 hours.

4. Many people are in the habit of watching videos on their mobile phone while driving. But, doing so can land them in problems. In the new motor vehicle act, there is a new rule for drivers who watch videos on the mobile phone while driving. Watching videos on the mobile phone while driving has lead to many accidents. To reduce this, the government has decided to double fines and seize the vehicle. This rule is applicable all over India.

5. You will be fined up to Rs 2,000 for blocking or parking in front of any rescue vehicles like ambulances, fire truck or a police vehicle. The fine amount differs from state to state.

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