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Online shopping Fraud: Doctor loses Rs 2.62 Lakh after he bought a bag

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 03, 2019  5:31:pm

Online Shopping Fraud: Doctor loses Rs 2.62 Lakh after he bought a bag

As online shopping is getting popular each day, online shopping fraud is on the rise. There are a lot of incidents where people have lost hard earned money to tricks played by fraudsters. Fraudsters have become very smart and have come up with new tricks to cheat people. If you have been reading the newspapers regularly, you get to read a number of cases where people have been cheated through online fraud.

The sad part is, not just innocent and uneducated people are falling prey to online frauds. Even educated people are losing hard earned money to this fraud. Recently a doctor lost Rs 2.62 Lakh after he bought a bag from an online shopping portal. In this blog, we will discuss how that fraud took place and how to stay safe from such frauds.

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Online shopping fraud: Doctor loses Rs 2.62 Lakh after he bought a bag

Recently, a doctor from Jodhpur received a call from a lady who introduced herself as calling from a Classic Enterprise in Delhi. The lady told the doctor that he would get an assured gift, if he made the purchase from their website. The lady also said that as part of the 'deal of the day scheme' the doctor would win gifts like a laptop, iPhone, LED TV if he made purchases from their website.

Thinking this to be true, the doctor ordered a laundry bag worth Rs 399 from the said portal by making payments through his credit card. Four days after he ordered the bag, he received a call from the same portal saying that he had won a laptop worth Rs 72,000 as an assured gift. In order to deliver the laptop, the doctor was asked to pay Rs 5,580 towards GST. Trusting the portal, the doctor paid Rs 5,580 from his credit card.

The doctor did not receive the product after he paid Rs 5,580. He was again asked to pay more money under different terms and conditions, to get the laptop delivered to his residence. The victim paid a total of around Rs 2.62 Lakhs. After he paid the money, he did not receive any response from the fraudsters and there was no contact from them.

How to Avoid such Frauds?

1. Do proper research on the portal, before making a purchase from online shopping sites. Make sure the company is genuine and the website has all details of the company like an address, email, and helpline number.

2. Make sure to check customers' reviews on the online shopping portal. Avoid purchasing from the portal, if it has many negative reviews.

3. Never fall for the offers which are too good to be true. If any company offers good discounts, make sure to do your research on the company.

4. Do not pay money for any kind of gifts offered by the company.

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