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Parent’s Guide To Protect Children On Social Media

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 20, 2019  5:38:pm

Parent’s Guide To Protect Children On Social Media

The number of people using social media is rising each day and teenagers are addicted to social media. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and many others have gained a lot of popularity and more than half the users are teenagers. While social media has got a lot of advantages it has its share of disadvantages.

When it comes to online safety, social media has its set of problems for teenagers, so it is very important for parents to monitor what their kids do online. In this blog, we will discuss parents guide to protect children on social media.

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Parent’s Guide To Protect Children On Social Media:

1.  Wait till your child is old enough to use social media

To protect the privacy of children and young people, every social media site has a minimum age requirement to sign up for an account. You must ensure that your child does not sign up to any social media site, before the requisite age. Once the minimum age criteria are met, analyze if your child is mature enough to sign up for an account.

2. Talk to your child about social media safety

You must speak to your child regarding social media safety and ask them to inform, if they face any kind of harassment on social media sites. Explain to them how to stay safe while using social media. Tell them not to disclose personal information like phone number and address. Restrict posting inappropriate pictures or updates. Warn them not to get too close to strangers on social media by informing them on the consequences. You can also narrate real-life stories of people who have been cheated on social media sites.

3. Set rules for using social media

To protect the privacy of children, parents must set certain rules for using social media. These rules include:

  • Set the amount of time they can spend on social media.
  • Parents should not allow children to post their location.
  • Restrict them posting personal information.
  • Restricting them from befriending strangers.

4. Follow your child on social media sites

If your child is using a social media account, you must follow that account or add to your friends list. This will help monitor what your child is doing online. If they post any inappropriate material, you can ask them to remove it.

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5. Make sure your child has secure privacy settings.

While opening any social media accounts for your kids or while giving access to computers, tablets, or smartphones, make sure to keep the settings private. This will not allow people access too much information on your kids.

6. Research on the latest social media developments

You should stay updated on what is happening online like new features or the latest online scams.

If you are aware of all these things, you can speak to your kids and help him/her stay safe online.

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