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PhonePe asks its customers to stay safe from frauds

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 23, 2019  12:00:am

PhonePe asks its customers to stay safe from frauds

PhonePe is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company, which helps users send and receive money. Apart from sending and receiving money, it also offers various other services like mobile recharge, payment of utility bills, payments during shopping, cab rides and much more. PhonePe has got a lot of customers and it acquires new users each day.

As the number of people using digital payments is increasing; payment frauds are on the rise. As  payment frauds are increasing, PhonePe has asked its customers to follow certain rules to stay safe online.

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Practices which need to be followed to stay safe online

1. Do not enter your UPI PIN to receive money

PhonePe has a feature called request money, which allows users send payment requests. Once the payment request is sent, the user has to click on the ‘Pay’ button and enter the UPI PIN to send the money. Fraudsters misuse this feature by sending fake payment requests along with messages like ‘Enter your UPI PIN to receive the amount. You must never enter your UPI PIN to receive money; the UPI PIN should be entered only when you are sending the money.

2. Beware of fake helpline numbers

When users post about issues on the official PhonePe Twitter handle, fraudsters react to that tweet immediately by posting fake customer care numbers as PhonePe helpline numbers. If at all customers call that number, they will be asked to provide their sensitive banking information.

3. Do not download screen sharing app

When customers post their complaints or issues on the official social media account of PhonePe, fraudsters contact them by claiming to be a representative of the company and ask them to download screen-sharing apps and hold the debit or credit card in front of the phone camera. There are many screen sharing apps like Sreenshare, Anydesk, and Teamviewer. Once the app is downloaded, fraudsters gain information to all the information stored on the phone. They even get to know the OTP.

4. Do not share your card details with anyone

You should never share your confidential details like card number, expiry date, PIN and OTP with anyone. No  PhonePe representative will call asking for your personal information. In case you are asked to share your personal banking information, report the incident to your nearest cybercrime center immediately.

5. Do not share your personal banking information online

Never share your personal information like a card number and other bank details online.

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