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Railways To Adopt Artificial Intelligence System to Monitor Railway Kitchens

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 09, 2018  7:48:pm

Most Indians prefer the railways for long-distance travel. But, the food served on railways is not great, even though railways have taken many steps to improve the quality of food. A recent report by the Comptroller and Auditor General says that the food served in the railways, is unfit for human consumption.

According to the report, unpurified water straight from the tap was used in the preparation of beverages; food items were not covered to protect them from dust, insects, flies and rats. Also, dustbins were not found covered and emptied regularly. The report was prepared after the inspection of 74 stations and 80 trains.

Now, railways have taken a new initiative to ensure the quality of the food served on board the trains. Sixteen base kitchens of railways have been equipped with high definition CCTV's to identify irregularities in real time, during cooking and packaging of food items.

The camera feed is transferred to an Artificial Intelligence module set up at IRCTC’s headquarters in New Delhi.

Do you know what a surveillance-oriented intelligent kitchen is?

An artificial Intelligence-enabled system is developed to ensure meals are prepared in hygienic conditions by the Indian Railways. Under this system, high definition CCTV cameras will be installed to watch the preparation of food in real time and ensure that chefs are following the hygienic requirements at these kitchens. Eight cameras will be installed in each kitchen.

This system helps in identifying rodent activities and deficiencies concerning hygiene. If the system detects a rodent or a cockroach in any of the base kitchens, it will automatically raise a red flag.

The irregularities detected by the Artificial Intelligence System will be tracked by the central control room located in New Delhi. The system also allows the central control to make announcements to the base kitchens.

Live streaming of 16 base kitchens where the CCTV cameras are installed will be done. In case a chef or anyone in the kitchen is not wearing the uniform and cap, the AI technology will track and report it to the concerned contractor immediately. It the issue is not solved within a certain period, it will be further reported to IRCTC authorities in charge.?

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