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Real Life Example Of An Online Shopping Fraud

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 04, 2018  7:43:pm

Shopping online is increasing day by day. Many love shopping online because of the convenience it offers and a wide range of offers and discounts. As online shopping is increasing, fraudsters who cheat buyers are also increasing.  In this blog, we will show you a real-life example of a person who was cheated by a fake online shopping website.

Once a person from Haryana was cheated by a fake website, that promised him delivery of a product, but never delivered it.  Last week Haryana Police have formed a special investigation team (SIT), to investigate the fraud. This incident took place in the year 2017. The victim had come across a website called bajajfinservloan.com while surfing on OLX India. 

This was not the original bajajfinserv.in, which had given an advertisement for a television set on OLX. He had ordered a mobile phone, two television sets and an air conditioner on the website and made payment through JD pay, as the website did not accept cash-on-delivery. But he did not receive the product even after waiting for a long time.

After some days, the victim visited the office of the website and got to know that it was a fake address. He also contacted Just Dial to ask them about the originality of the vendor on their payment gateway. He did not get much information from Just Dial. They just said the vendor was registered in the name of a guesthouse in Gurgaon. They also said that they are just a payment gateway.

In the legal case that is ongoing in the court, Just Dial Ltd and OLX India Pvt Ltd have demanded the closure of the FIR registered by the Police on August 17th. On April 26th, the court sought a status report on the enquiry within two weeks.

In the petition, Just Dial said that the amount was credited to the account at ICICI Bank in the name of Pooja Yadav. It also said that the company just facilitated easier payments between users, and fraudsters have used their services illegally.

OLX in its petition has said that it just allows users to post advertisements on their portal and it does not involve in the transactions between the seller and a purchaser.

Last month the police have told the court that the bank account to which money was transferred was a fake and was actually registered in the name of Richa Sharma and the money was further transferred to the account which was in the name of Mukul Sharma. So far police have arrested the three accused.

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