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Reasons For Passport Application Rejection

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 11, 2019  5:57:pm

Reasons For Passport Application Rejection

It is very important to have your passport ready, if you are planning to travel outside India. Passport is an official document issued by a country's government and it allows you travel to other countries without any difficulties. Your passport certifies identity and nationality during international travel. Whenever you land in any country, you are required to show your passport and get it stamped with the official seal. Your passport can also be used as an identity or address proof.

In order to get your passport, you must first apply and this takes a lot of paperwork. Even though applying for a passport has become quite easy, a few passports get rejected for various reasons. In this blog, we will discuss various reasons why passport application gets rejected. Knowing the reason will help you avoid making the mistakes which lead to the rejection of passport applications.

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Reasons For Passport Application Rejection

1. Mistakes while filling the application form

Filling wrong information in the passport application form leads to a rejection. So, it is very important to fill the application form carefully by reading all the instructions.

2. Missing documents

This is one of the common reasons for passport application rejection. While applying for a passport, you must submit certain important documents that will prove your citizenship. These documents include a driver’s license, birth certificate, voter’s ID card, pan card, and other similar documents. Your passport application will be rejected if you deviate from the list of documents provided by the Ministry of External Affairs.

3. Unclear documents

As stated earlier, you will be asked to submit certain documents while applying for a passport. If the documents submitted by you along with the application are unclear, chances of rejection are high. So, make sure to submit the documents which are neat and clear.

4. Issue with the signature

Your passport application will be rejected if your signature is not uniform across the various forms and documents submitted.

5. Application fees not paid

While applying for the passport, you will be asked to pay certain fees. In case you fail to pay the fees at the specified time, your application gets rejected.

6. If you fail to complete the police verification

Your passport application will be rejected if you fail to complete the police verification. This can happen when you fail to provide your current address properly or if you no longer stay at the address which you have provided. Your application will be rejected if you shift before the verification, without informing the police or the passport department.

7. Criminal history

Your passport application will be rejected if you have a criminal history or any case pending against you. This is done with the intention of ensuring that you are available in the country.

8. Dues not paid

Your passport application will be rejected if you have major loans or have borrowed using credit cards and have not paid the dues on time. So, make sure you have not fallen into the debt trap, before applying for a passport.

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