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Reasons Why Many People Still Don't Use Digital Payments

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 04, 2018  6:50:pm

After demonetization, India moved towards becoming a digital economy and the government has come up with many initiatives to promote digital transactions. But, many Indians still don't use digital payments. There are 5 reasons why many customers still don't use digital payments.

Lack of trust

Many people still don't trust digital payments. They feel it is not safe to use digital payments, as they don't trust the internet and fear security risks. There is a common perception among people, that someone else has access to your bank account, which has stopped many people from adopting digital payments. People in this category are not much aware of the online World and how it works.

Old Habits die hard

As we all know, Indians love cash transactions and they are used to them. In many places, businesses are done only through cash transactions and digital payments are not adopted. People who are not aware of the benefits of digital payments, always carry cash and think that it is the safest mode of payment.

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It is known that every transaction made online is recorded. As each and every transaction can be tracked, people assume that this will lead to more scrutiny or higher taxes. As cash transactions can't be tracked easily, consumers prefer it to digital payments.


Cash is accepted in all places, but digital payments are accepted only in some places. This has made people depend more on cash payments rather than digital payments.

Time involved

Making payments through cash does not take much time. You just have to open your wallet and pay the money. But, digital payments involve some steps when compared to the exchange of cash. Because of this reason, many people have restricted themselves from adopting digital payments.

While many people do not use digital payments because of various reasons, there some benefits which digital payments offer.

1. Time-saving:

Sometimes, digital payments save your time. For instance: If you have to pay money to someone, you don't have to travel to hand over the cash. You can just transfer the amount sitting in your home.

2. The complete record of your transactions

If you transact online, there will be a record of each and every transaction made by you. This helps you to keep a track of your spending and manage your money well.

3. Safety

In case of an online fraud, you can report it to the bank within a specified period of time and get the amount back, if you have been wronged.

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