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Rules for motor insurance claims on driving under the influence of alcohol

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 22, 2019  2:15:am

Rules for motor insurance claims on driving under the influence of alcohol

In India, it is compulsory to have third-party liability motor insurance if you own a vehicle.  Third-party motor insurance is availed to cover the loss and damage caused to life and property of the third party in the case of an accident. Apart from third-party liability motor insurance, there is also an own-damage motor vehicle insurance cover that covers own damage to the vehicle in an accident.

As soon as your vehicle meets with an accident, you have to inform the insurance company, regarding the damage. After this, the insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation and settle your claim. But in certain cases, your claim will be rejected by the insurance company due to various reasons. One of these reasons is drunken driving. Indian law and insurance companies are very strict on drunken driving.

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In case the driver is found driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, they could face fines, rejection in insurance claims and even a jail term. The driver must never drive the vehicle with more than the permissible amount of alcohol in their blood.

Rules you need to know while driving

1. With the launch of the new motor vehicle act, the penalty for drunken driving has been in increased to Rs 10,000.

2. Per 100 ml of blood, the permissible blood alcohol content is set at 0.03%.

3. During the road accident, if the permissible alcohol content in your blood level exceeds the limit, you could be arrested.

4. If a person dies because of you driving under the influence of alcohol, you will be criminally charged for causing the death along with the imprisonment. You have to pay compensation to the deceased family.

Insurance claims in the case of driving under permissible limits

As per the terms and conditions of motor insurance policy, the accident caused due to driving under the influence of alcohol is not covered. However, if the vehicle owner has taken the insurance company to court and the court has ruled in favor of the owner, the claim has to be settled.

As per the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, a policyholder is allowed to make claims under own-damage part of the motor insurance policy if the driver was drunk within the permissible limits.

Other situations where auto insurance claims are rejected

1. If the driving license is expired

2. If you are driving without a license.

3. If you don't declare or make a wrong declaration of certain information.

4. If you do not file FIR after the accident

5.  If you delay in applying for a claim.

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