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SBI Account Holder? Tips to keep your money safe

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 02, 2019  5:42:pm

SBI account holder? Tips to keep your money safe

State Bank of India (SBI) is India's largest Public Sector Bank and many Indians have bank accounts at the State Bank of India. It is also one of the most trusted banks in India. As bank frauds are on the rise, SBI keeps issuing guidelines to customers to protect them from frauds. In this blog, we will discuss the various guidelines issued by the State Bank of India to its customers.

Guidelines issued by SBI to avoid card fraud

As the number of people using debit and credit cards are on the rise, card frauds too are rising. Many people have lost hard-earned money to card frauds like card skimming and card swapping. So, SBI has issued certain guidelines to customers to stay safe from card fraud.

1. SBI has advised customers, not to handover debit or credit cards to anyone including relatives, friends and staff members of the company.

2. While withdrawing money from ATMs, customers must hide their PIN. Do pay heed so that no one looks over your shoulders, when you enter the PIN at ATMs.

3.  While making payments, make sure your card is swiped in your presence.

4. Take back your card once the transaction is completed.

5. Never share your personal banking details like passwords, PIN, OTP, CVV and net banking user ID with anyone.

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Guidelines issued by SBI for safe online banking

1. Visit SBI website only by typing the URL in the address bar of the browser.

2. You have to be really careful when downloading mobile banking apps from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, Ovi Store, Windows Marketplace and so on. This is because there are many malicious applications on app stores. So, it is advisable to check the authenticity, before downloading.

3. It is advisable not to click on links sent via email for accessing the SBI website.

4. SBI representatives will never call or send you messages; asking you to share personal information like password or one time SMS (high security) password. Those messages and calls are made by fraudsters with the intention of wiping out money from your bank account. You should not entertain such calls and it is advisable to report them to the bank immediately. In case, you have provided user details accidentally, you must lock your user access as soon as possible.

5. Never respond to calls and messages which claim to be from SBI, promising rewards. This is done with the intention of stealing your personal information.

Guidelines to enhance internet security

1. You should always use the latest version of the Operating System with the latest security patches.

2.  Make sure to use the latest version of Browsers.

3.  A firewall must always be activated.

4. Make sure to change your internet banking password on a regular basis.

5. You must install a trusted antivirus guard.

6. Do not access your internet banking accounts from cyber cafes or shared PCs.

7. It is advisable to check the last log-in time and date.

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