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SBI alert: Don't lose your money by charging your smartphones at these places

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 13, 2019  5:56:pm

SBI alert: Don't lose your money by charging your smartphones at these places

The country's largest lender State Bank of India always alerts its customers on the various frauds that are taking place. It has alerted customers on a new fraud where sensitive information from your smartphone gets stolen. SBI had warned its customers on the risks of charging smartphones at mobile charging stations at public places. There are chances of malware being present at these charging stations.

SBI had tweeted "Think twice before you plug in your phone at charging stations. Malware could find a way in and infect your phone, giving hackers a way to steal your passwords and export your data.

Yes, you heard it right. Charging your smartphones at the charging stations can help fraudsters steal information which consists of passwords and other highly sensitive personal information.

According to cybercrime experts, this is done by hackers through a mix of malware, phishing, and algorithms that help carry out the process of stealing sensitive information of mobile users. This is done with the help of an innocuous data card called 'Auto Data Transfer Device'. This device is easily available at $300 to $400 on the Alibaba website.

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This 'Auto Data Transfer Device' is hidden behind the mobile charging port and detects the mobile phone when it is plugged in for charging. You will receive a pop-up once your mobile phone is connected to the charger. Normally, people don't read the message and click on Yes. This is how fraudsters gain access to your passwords and other personal information on the phone. Normally, when you connect your phone for charging, you don’t get a pop-up. If you receive a pop-up, something is fishy so remove your smartphone immediately.

The device used by fraudsters is bought from the Alibaba website which is available at $300 to $400. This tool used for carrying out frauds, is very difficult to identify as it looks just like a pendrive.

So, if you are going to charge your phone at charging stations, be careful. If you are careless, fraudsters can steal all your personal information and empty your bank account.  

Tips to protect your phone and bank account

These are some tips to protect your phone and bank account from fraudsters.  

1. It is advisable to avoid charging your phone from multi-cables at the charging stations.  Instead, you should use a socket directly.

2. It is always good to carry your own charging cable.

3. Download anti-malware software on your mobile phone to avoid malware bytes.

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