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SBI warns its customers on fake social media accounts

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 13, 2019  11:17:pm

SBI warns its customers on fake social media accounts

Social media is gaining traction for various reasons like high reach and easy accessibility. Many companies and banks stay in touch with customers through their official social media accounts. They even solve customer grievances through social media. 

It is not wrong to say; social media has become an important part of business these days. Through social media, businesses can reach out to customers instantly; when compared to other modes of communication.

As social media usage is on the rise; social media frauds too increase. Fraudsters are making use of social media to cheat innocent people. They create fake social media accounts of reputed organizations and dupe people using them. A few months back; India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India (SBI) had alerted customers on the same. 

State Bank of India had requested crores of customers to interact with only verified and official social media accounts of SBI; to avoid fraud and stay safe online. To keep money safe; SBI has advised customers to check the verified ‘tick’ sign before following, tagging and interacting with any banking officials through social media.

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“Do not invest your time and money interacting with fake accounts on social media. Follow, tag and interact with only the verified, official handles of SBI, to ensure that your comments, complaints, and enquiries are adequately addressed and you are not scammed by fraudsters," SBI tweeted.

Here are the official handles of the country's largest bank:

Facebook: @StateBankOfIndia

Instagram: @theofficialsbi

Twitter: @TheOfficialSBi

Linkedin: State Bank of India (SBI)

Google+: State Bank of India

YouTube: State Bank of India

Quora: State Bank of India (SBI)

Creating fake social media accounts has become very easy for fraudsters. So, to avoid fraud and keep money safe, the next time you interact; make sure it’s with the above mentioned social media accounts. Avoid tagging accounts which are not genuine. In case you are following fake social media accounts of any company or bank; kindly unfollow them.

Report to the bank

If you come across any fake social media accounts of any bank, report them immediately.  You can contact the customer support number of the bank and report the issue. Make sure you contact the genuine customer support number; as there are many fake customer support numbers, which are set up, just to cheat people. SBI has two toll-free numbers 1800112211 and 18004253800. These numbers can also be used to report any kind of frauds with your bank account.

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