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Scams to watch out for during the New Year

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 30, 2019  4:59:pm

The Year 2019 is soon going to end and we are all excited on welcoming the New Year 2020 with a Big Bang. You will definitely have plans for the New Year. This may be planning for a trip or going out for a dinner party. While people plan to do something great on the New Year, fraudsters try to cheat them of hard-earned money using various tricks. In this blog, we will discuss the most common and dangerous scams that take place during the New Year.

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Scams to watch out for during the New Year

1. Fake tickets for New Year parties

Selling fake New Year Eve party tickets at cheap rates is one of the most common scams that take place during the New Year. Many people buy these tickets online at affordable rates in advance. But, when they reach the venue on the date of the party, there’s no party happening. So, you have to be very careful while booking the New Year party tickets. Make sure the website on which you are booking the ticket is a genuine one.

2. Fraudulent wine and dine offers

With the intention of making quick money, fraudsters come up with fake offers like unlimited wine and dine on the New Year Eve at a posh restaurant at very cheap rates of Rs 500 or Rs 1,000. Before falling for such offers, think twice. No luxury hotels offer unlimited wine and dine on New Year at so low a price. To avoid this type of fraud, you must always book deals on official websites or by visiting in person.

3. Card skimming

Debit and credit card scams are very common during the New Year parties. When you give away your card to make payments, there are chances of someone stealing your card details through card skimming.  If you are withdrawing cash from the ATMs near the party destination, make sure to check the machine before inserting the card. This is because there are chances of fraudsters installing skimmers in the ATMs near the party destination.

4. Delivery of alcohol scam

If you want alcohol delivered at your doorstep, you would normally search for a wine shop online and call up the number which pops up on the Google Search. But, the sad part is these shops don’t exist. When you call them up, you will be asked to make the payment for liquor delivery. After the money is paid the delivery never happens.

5. Fake flight tickets

During the New Year, a lot of fake websites offer flight tickets at cheap rates. Before buying these tickets make sure they are genuine by checking the official website.

6. New Year lucky draw scam

This fraud normally takes place with people who go for New Year parties. Fraudsters call or message people stating that they have won a car or bike as a lucky draw. In order to claim the gift, you would be asked to deposit a certain amount as a fee. Sadly, you never see the gift.

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