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Security advice issued by Punjab National Bank for its customers

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 13, 2020  4:58:pm

Security advice issued by Punjab National Bank for its customers

Today, banks have been warning their customers on frauds that are taking place around and how to stay safe from them. This comes after a lot of people are losing their hard money to various bank frauds carried out by fraudsters. The main reason why many people fall victim to bank frauds is lack of awareness. Many people still do not know what information must be shared and what must not be shared. So, banks have been alerting their customers on various frauds through emails and SMSes. 

Recently, the public sector lender, Punjab National Bank has alerted its customers regarding frauds calls and how to stay safe from them. Fraud calls in the names of banks are increasing each day.  In a tweet, PNB has mentioned that fraudsters call innocent people by posing as a representative of the bank and collect their personal information to wipe out money from their bank accounts.

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With the intention of protecting customers from bank frauds, PNB has issued certain security advisories. In this blog, we will discuss those security advisories issued by the bank.

1. The bank has advised customers not to search for the customer care number of the bank on Google or any other search engine. Instead, it has asked its customers to look for customer care numbers on the contact us link on the official website of the bank.

2. Banks has asked customers not to blindly trust anyone claiming to be from their bank or bank's call center.

3. Before acting on the instructions provided by the caller, think twice.

4. Do not install any apps suggested by the caller.

5. Beware of links sent to you through email, text messages or WhatsApp; as you might be tricked into downloading the apps from the third party.

6. Do not share your OTP and PIN received through SMS or email.

7. Don’t share your personal information with the messages, phone calls or emails you receive claiming to be from your bank.

8. Read the full messages whenever you receive the OTP, rather than reading just the OTP.

9. The bank has advised customers' to disable transactions through net banking facilities for night hours when they don't check alert messages.

10. The bank has also advised people to install only need-based apps from trusted sources.

11. The bank has asked customers to keep limits for IMPS, RTGS, NEFT, UPI, e-commerce, and other fund transfers.

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