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Seven Reason Why I Would Shop in Flipkart than Amazon

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 07, 2015  5:43:pm

People's lives have become more perfunctory in recent times that nobody finds time to shop person. Everyone wants clothes and accessories at their fingertips. Now e-shopping is hogging the limelight. All you need to do is look for the required item, place an order and get it delivered at your door step.  You can shop with a few clicks. With this advantage, several e-shopping websites have emerged. Out of the several  sites, only a few are preferred by people. Flipkart and Amazon top the list and hence give a very good consumer experience. There are a few reasons to weigh Flipkart against Amazon and we’ll tell you why.

1. Product delivered in a blink of an eye

Flipkart has invested heavily in their logistics and hence is capable of delivering orders well before the proposed date of delivery. eKart, the Flipkart Logistics wing, is more economical than other third party delivery services such as  BlueDart and DHL. If the customer has been notified that the product will be delivered in a week, it is likely that it will be shipped in five days. The customer is apprised about the delivery details through e-mail and messages and hence is user-friendly. Amazon’s swiftness in delivery is pretty good. Amazon offers faster delivery options like "Same Day Delivery", "One-Day delivery" and "Two-Day Delivery" for the Amazon fulfilled items. Your order qualifies for free delivery when the delivery option is chosen as 2-4, 4-7 or 7-10 business days.

2. Collection of Products

Both Flipkart and Amazon have a huge collection of products in all possible categories such as Clothing, Accessories, Electronic items, Books, Health and so on. Amazon started their market in India selling books and hence has an innumerable collection.

3. User Interface

In the 21st century, people have completely adapted to online shopping and hence require ease in shopping through apps and websites. The home screen, search, checkout has been designed in a simple manner in Flipkart, both in the website and in the app. Amazon too has done the same. Both the e-commerce sites have designed  their websites and apps so neatly as to provide a better consumer experience.

4. Charges and Offers

The prices of similar products are nearly the same in both the e-commerce sites differing marginally. The shipping charges are either asked or withdrawn as demanded by the seller in both the sites. Both Amazon and Flipkart provide offers and discounts on almost all the products when it is the festive season. Flipkart is found to give offers and coupon codes more than Amazon, thus attracting customers. "The Big Billion Day" introduced by Flipkart was such a massive success that the traffic on the website increased by leaps and bounds. The customer gets notified regularly about the offers while shopping through the Flipkart app. While it comes to buying books, Amazon provides customers with pretty good offers.

5. Delivery

The functioning of the delivery is more efficient in Flipkart. For example, if you order a book and a bedsheet in Amazon, it will be delivered along with the book by the next day, but the bedsheet may take longer. On the other hand, Flipkart delivers both the products at the same time thus saving you time.

(For further references, you can visit techulator.com)

6. Setting up an account

While making a wish list of your favorite items, both the sites require an account. Flipkart allows the customers to import their accounts from social networks like Google or Facebook. Amazon requires creating an account exclusively from Amazon.in to keep track of your shopping preferences.

7. Make In India

One simple reason to choose Flipkart is “Make In India”. Amazon, which is a global market has slowly and steadily crept into the Indian Market and creating wonders.