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Stories of How Scamsters Have Cheated Flipkart

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 18, 2019  5:14:pm

Stories Of How Scamsters Have Cheated Flipkart

Homegrown online shopping portal, Flipkart, is India's largest and most loved online shopping portal. It serves as an intermediary which helps sellers connect with buyers across India. It is the leader in e-commerce business and sells a huge variety of products like clothes, footwear, mobile phones, laptops, refrigerators, washing machines, books, cosmetics, groceries and so on.

Flipkart enjoys a large customer base and is adding more and more customers each day. Flipkart is taking all the necessary steps, to keep customers happy. If customers are not happy with products they have received, they can return and enjoy refunds. But, customers are misusing this facility to cheat the company. Flipkart has reportedly lost crores of rupees to fake refunds and other frauds.  In this blog, we will speak on how scamsters have cheated Flipkart.

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Stories Of How Scamsters Have Cheated Flipkart

Story 1: Fraudsters from Telangana cheated Flipkart

A group of fraudsters from Telangana cheated Flipkart by ordering high-end mobile phones and then replacing them with fake ones, claiming refunds from the Company. Fraudsters used to order the high-end mobile phones from the portal under fake names and email IDs. Once the product was delivered, they called up the customer care number and claimed that the phone was damaged or not working properly, requesting a refund. The company used to refund the amount.

When fraudsters were asked to return the product, they replaced it with an identical fake handset. After Flipkart noticed that the handsets were fake, they filed a police complaint. The police recovered 21 handsets worth Rs 7,10,000 from the fraudsters.

Story 2: Flipkart was cheated out of Rs 1.56 Crores

Flipkart was cheated out of Rs 1.56 Crores, by a gang of proxy customers who used to order expensive products from the portal. The gang was involved in stealing documents of people from the internet and used these documents to open bank accounts and buy SIM cards.

Using these numbers, they opened an account on Flipkart and ordered expensive products like cameras, mobile phones, and wristwatches. Once the product was delivered, they put stones and soil in the package and called the customer care, claiming they had received nothing but waste.

These fraudsters threatened to sue Flipkart and expose them on social media, if the refund was not provided.

They would give wrong addresses and when the delivery executive arrived, they would collect the products midway. In the span of 1 year and 9 months, the gang ordered more than 2,000 goods and cheated Flipkart out of Rs 1.56 Crores.

Story 3: Delivery executive cheated Flipkart

A delivery executive cheated Flipkart by ordering iPhones and replaced these phones with fake handsets and returned them. He faked the iPhone orders to an address and as soon as he got the package, he replaced original phones with fake phones and returned them to Flipkart. While returning the products, he used to tell Flipkart that the customers were not happy with the product. He had cheated the company to the tune of Rs 5 Lakhs.

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