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Things To Check While Shopping On Flipkart

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 24, 2018  7:33:pm

Online shopping has become quite popular these days, because of the convenience it offers and a wide range of discounts. When it comes to online shopping, the first Company that comes to mind is Flipkart. Flipkart is an online marketplace, an intermediary that helps sellers connect with customers across the country.

There are some allegations going on saying, Flipkart is selling fake products. People have started trolling Flipkart as Flopkart, Fakekart Fraudkart and so on. The fact of the matter is, it’s not Flipkart which sells fake products, it’s the sellers who are registered on their platform who sell the products online. There are certain things which you have to look into while shopping on Flipkart.

Let’s understand what fake products are. Fake products are those which look exactly like the genuine product but actually, they are low-quality imitations many manufacturers attempt to pass off as the original branded products.

Things To Check While Shopping On Flipkart

These are some things which you need to look into while shopping to identify fake products:

1. Study the product carefully

Fake products are designed to look exactly like the original product. They look like the real thing. So, it’s advisable to study the product carefully and not forget to read the product description. Also make sure to look for the brand name and the logo.

2. Discounts which are too good to be true

Pricing is an important factor that attracts more customers. If a familiar branded product is selling at a very low price, it might be a scam. You must do some research before purchasing the product. Before buying a product, check its price with other sellers, to see if you can find any similar deals on the same.

3. Check the product review and seller rating

Going through the product review and seller ratings, help you identify the authenticity of a product. It is advisable to buy a product from the seller with more positive reviews. While checking the product reviews on Flipkart, always look for Certified Buyer reviews.  If the product which you are planning to buy has positive reviews by Certified Buyers, it’s a genuine product.

How does Flipkart address fake products?

Flipkart has taken all the necessary steps to identify and remove fake products from their portal.  It has a strict seller on-boarding process, that includes background and reference checks. Sellers can list themselves on Flipkart only after the satisfactory conclusion of such verification procedures. If sellers are found selling fake products, they are blacklisted from selling on Flipkart and their portfolio of products will be de-listed.

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