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Things to do when your Wallet is Stolen

IamCheated.com Research Team | May 18, 2019  6:39:pm

Things to do when your wallet is stolen

Imagine you have gone to the theatre to watch a movie and when you get back home, you find the wallet missing. Isn't it one of the worst moments you can experience? You would be tense as you have lost debit cards, credit cards, and other identity documents like PAN card, Voter ID and Driving License. Don’t panic when your wallet is missing as this problem is solvable. In this blog, we discuss what has to be done, when your wallet is lost or stolen.

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Things to do when your wallet is stolen

1. Contact your card issuer as soon as possible

The first thing you do when you lose your wallet is, contact all your card issuers and get your cards blocked. List down the names of the banks where you hold cards and collect their customer care number. You can find the customer care numbers on the official websites of the bank. Don't simply pick up the numbers which you find on Google.

Start making calls once you collect the customer care numbers. When you make a call, you should ask the customer care to cancel the card immediately and you then apply for a new one. Ask if any transactions have been made with your card after it has been lost. If there are any transactions with your card after the theft is reported, your liability is Zero.

2. List out the content of the wallet

Soon after contacting the card issuer, you must make a list of all the items in your wallet. This will help you identify if you have missed contacting any card issuer. Using this list, you can start replacing missing items.

3.  File a police complaint

It is important to file a police complaint when you lose your wallet. They will take down the First Information Report (FIR) regarding the loss of your phone and then give you a lost certificate. Lost certificate can be used to apply for documents which you have lost.

4. Get a new driving licence

Driving license is a very important document. If the driving license was in your wallet, you must head to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and apply for a duplicate driving license. You will have to provide certain forms and supporting documents while applying for a new driving license.

5. Check your credit report

Even though you have cancelled all your credit cards, it is advisable to check your credit report within a month of the date on which you lost your card. As soon as you receive your report, you must check if there any suspicious transactions or enquiries for loans or credit cards which you have not applied for, after you have lost your wallet. In case you find any fraudulent transactions, report them to the card issuer and lender/bank as soon as possible.

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