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Things To Know About Customer Trip Insurance On Ola Rides

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 31, 2018  7:19:pm

People who live in well-known cities have traveled using the cab aggregator Ola or Uber. The idea of a cab aggregator is one of the best things ever. It helps you travel from point A to point B without any hassles at pocket-friendly rates. It does not just help you travel from one place to another, it also provides a number of offers and discounts.

A few months back the homegrown cab aggregator Ola, had launched Customer Trip Insurance, a first-of-its-kind feature in the industry in India. In this feature, you can insure all your Ola rides and this was introduced by Ola to serve customers in a better way.

Just like insurance provided by flight operators, Ola’s "Chalo Befikar" is optional and you can avail it within the app. The Customer Trip Insurance is applicable across all category cabs, autos, e-rickshaws and kaali-peeli. You can opt for this insurance cover while booking your ride at Re. 1 for daily rides, Rs 10 for Ola Rentals, and Rs 15 for Ola outstation. To offer this insurance over to their customers across 110 cities, Ola has partnered with Acko General Insurance Ltd and ICICI Lombard.

 Customer Trip insurance on your Ola rides will cover the following:

1. Medical expenses:

The insurance will cover medical expenses due to accidents (with a cover of Rs 1 Lakh). The amount will be paid for hospitalization in case the user meets with an accident, while in the cab. If the user is admitted to the hospital, he will be provided a daily hospital allowance of Rs 500 for up to 7 days. He will be provided Rs 3,000 for OPD treatment.  The company will also provide Rs 10,000 for ambulance transportation.

Users will also get Rs 5 Lakhs in case of permanent or partial disability. There is also accidental death benefit of Rs 5 Lakhs.

In case of medical expense due to accidents, you can make a cashless claim if you inform the insurer before hospitalization. As most of the accidents require immediate hospitalization, claims have to be made at a later stage. A claim can be made through the app by submitting the required documents.

2. Missed flights

In case you miss a flight due to driver cancellations or uncontrollable delays, you will be paid Rs 5,000 as cover. The missed flight insurance is not available for rental cabs and it is applicable only for domestic flights.

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3. Loss of baggage

In case you lose your baggage or electronic equipment (only laptop) you will receive a cover of Rs 20,000. But, this is applicable only on outstation cabs. This does not cover mobile phones and other valuables like cash or jewelry.

4. Financial emergencies

The insurance also covers emergency hotel costs up to Rs 10,000. It is applicable only on Ola outstation.

You can avail this cover only if you book a cab through the Ola app. Your claim will be rejected if the number of passengers (including driver) is more than the vehicle’s seating capacity.

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