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Things To Know On The Password Manager

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 26, 2018  7:01:pm

You surf a lot on the Internet, which means you may create many accounts on different websites. Accounts on various websites can be created with new login ids and passwords. But, do you use the same password for all the accounts you have?

If yes, it's really quite risky. If just one of these websites gets hacked by cybercriminals, they will get to know the password of everyone on the website. They will use those passwords to break other accounts. It is always advisable to have a unique password for every account you have. But, it is hard to memorize all  login ids and passwords.

To help you out with such a problem, password managers have been devised. The password manager enables you to generate a secure password and store all your passwords under a secure lock, which can be accessed only with a single master password.

Should you use the password manager?

Many people use weak passwords and reuse them on different websites. So, experts often recommend that you use a password manager, to avoid the risk of your accounts getting hacked. You should always create a unique and long password which contains at least 15-20 characters. It is difficult for cybercriminals to hack this kind of password.

 How to use the password manager?

You must first register yourself with the app or the desktop platform of the password manager site, by creating a long and unique password.

You must then list down the sites which you wish to access, using a password manager. You can provide the details of each of these sites and the passwords. If you want to create a new account on any site, your password manager will help you to generate a secure random password.

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