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Things you must stop doing on WhatsApp to stay safe

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 02, 2020  4:14:pm

WhatsApp is one the of most used chat apps around the World. With the help of WhatsApp, you can do a lot of things like sending text messages, images, videos, documents, voice messages, making video calls, voice calls, sharing status and so on. It also allows users create a group of WhatsApp users.

While it is useful, there is one problem with WhatsApp that is, there is no concept of sending and accepting friend requests. As a result everyone in your contact list can find you on WhatsApp and see whatever you share on WhatsApp. So, in this blog, we will discuss things you must stop doing on WhatsApp to stay safe.

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Things you must stop doing on WhatsApp to stay safe

1. Delete unwanted contacts from your contact list

You must avoid welcoming everyone into your WhatsApp account. It is advisable to delete the phone numbers of people with whom you are not in touch. If you need this number for something else; simply block them on WhatsApp.

2. Do not allow everyone to see your WhatsApp profile photo

In WhatsApp, there are 3 options regarding who can see your WhatsApp profile photo. They are Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. It is good to select the My Contact Option. Under this, only people in your contacts will be able to see your WhatsApp profile photo.

3. Do not share WhatsApp status with everyone

You must not share your WhatsApp status with everyone in your contact list.  These statuses are meant to be shared only with friends and family, and not with everyone in your contact list.

4. Don't let everyone add you to WhatsApp groups

It is good not to allow everyone in your contact list to add you to WhatsApp groups. You have an option to restrict who can add you to the WhatsApp group.  There are three options like Everyone, My contacts and My contacts except.

5.  Add ‘Two-step verification’ PIN

Adding a ‘Two-step verification’ PIN does not allow others to set up your WhatsApp account on some other phones by stealing your OTP.

6. Disable automatically download all WhatsApp media files

It is good to disable automatically download WhatsApp media to your gallery. Automatically downloading WhatsApp photos and videos to your gallery consumes your phone’s internal storage. You can disable this option in the settings.

7. Disable auto chat backup

WhatsApp chats which are backed up in iCloud or Google Drive are not encrypted. If you want to save important chats, it is good to export them and save them securely somewhere else. Backing up all WhatsApp chats simply eats up storage.

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