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Tips by Google to prevent online fraud and hacking

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 21, 2020  10:09:am

The advent of technology has completely changed the way we do things. Today, most of the things can be done online and this has really made our lives easy. The internet is used for various things like online banking, shopping, booking tickets, paying utility bills and so on.

While a lot of people use the internet for various things, online frauds are also on the rise. A single mistake can cost you lakhs of rupees. So, it is really important to be careful while carrying out any online transactions. In this blog, we will discuss the security tips given by Google to stay safe online.

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Tips by Google to prevent online fraud and hacking

1. Set up a recovery phone number or email address

It is really very important to set up a recovery phone number and email address for your account. Linking these to your account strengthens the security of your account by alerting in case of any unusual activity. You will be alerted when there is a login from a new device or IP. Make sure you keep it updated.

2. Using a password manager

Normally, people struggle to remember their passwords.  According to Google, an average person struggles to manage more than 120+ saved passwords. With the help of the password manager, you can create and remember passwords along with storing them securely.

3. Do not ignore update notification.

You should never ignore or postpone software update notifications. Make sure to keep all your apps, browsers, OS and other software updated. If you delay or ignore, your device will be vulnerable to new virus attacks and other online threats.

4. Set up two-factor authentication

Enabling two-step verification offers an additional layer of security. After it is enabled, you will have to enter a unique code along with the password to sign into your accounts. This will make it difficult for fraudsters to gain unauthorized access to your account.

5. Use Google’s Security Checkup

With the help of the Google Security Checkup tool, you can identify if any of your passwords have been hacked. Under this, you can even see the devices you have signed-in, recent security events, your repeat passwords and so on.

6. Remove unused apps and browser extensions

You must install only browser extensions and apps which are required. Never install apps from unknown sources.  Unknown apps can gain access to your personal information.

7. Use Password alert

With the help of a password alert, you can keep your Google account safe. It also helps you keep the information you have stored in Gmail or YouTube safe.  If you add a password alert to your Chrome browser, you will receive alerts when your Google password is used to sign in to non-Google sites.

8. Sign out from devices you don't use

You must always sign out of the devices you don't use.

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