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Tips for senior citizens to stay safe online

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 22, 2019  6:35:pm

Tips for senior citizens to stay safe online

Online transactions are not restricted to just young people. Even senior citizens transact online. They use their mobiles to stay connected with loved ones and make digital transactions. With the rise in online transactions, online frauds are also increasing.

The sad part is senior citizens are easy prey to online frauds. This is because senior citizens trust people easily. Cybercriminals target senior citizens because they feel isolated and lonely.

Another reason why many people fall victim to online frauds is lack of awareness. A lot of people still don't know they are not supposed to share personal information like card number, CVV and OTP with anyone.

In the last few months, there have been many instances where senior citizens are cheated by online fraudsters. So, it is very important to be aware of frauds which are happening around.

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Tips for senior citizens to stay safe online

Here are some cyber-security practices; senior citizens must follow to stay protected from online frauds.

1. You might have received emails from many email IDs stating you have won crores of rupees through a lucky draw. Don't fall for this and lose your money. Nobody will give you that much money for free. So, in case you receive any emails or messages offering too good to be true offers; don’t click on it.

2. Many people have the habit of setting the same password for all apps and accounts. But, this is not a good idea. If one account gets hacked, there are chances of all the accounts getting hacked. So, you must use unique passwords for all the accounts.

3. You must never share your password with anyone including your friends and family.

4. Never share your personal banking details like card number, CVV, expiry date and OTP with anyone including bank employees.

5. You must never share details like full name, birth date and your location with anyone.

6. Always protect your mobile and other devices with a password. It is mandatory especially when you are traveling. You must lock your phone when are not using it.

7. To protect your accounts from hackers go for two-factor authentication.

8. Develop the habit of logging out from your accounts when not in use. Never leave any of your accounts open when you are away from your computer, mobile phone, or any other devices.

9. Do not take anyone’s help while withdrawing cash from the ATM and make sure the PIN you enter is not visible to anyone. (Don’t allow anyone to look over your shoulders when entering the PIN).

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