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Tips To Keep Your Credit Card Safe While Shopping Online

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 30, 2018  7:49:pm

We all know that online shopping has increased rapidly and many citizens prefer shopping online, because of the convenience and ease it offers. When it comes to paying for the product purchased, online shopping sites offer different modes of payments such as cash on delivery, credit or debit card payment, payment through the mobile wallet, card on delivery and so on.

But, many Indians still prefer cash on delivery. More than 50% of Indian shoppers who make online purchases prefer cash on delivery. The main reason why cash on delivery dominates the Indian e-commerce market is due to safety concerns.

Many Indians still don't trust online payments due to various reasons. In case you shop online using credit or debit cards, there are some things which you need to keep in mind. In this blog, we will discuss how to keep your credit card safe while shopping online.

1. Make sure the website is safe and encrypted

Whenever you shop on any website, make sure that the website is secured and encrypted. There are some fake websites which are designed exactly like a genuine website, and shopping on such websites may put your data at risk. You can identify if a website is secured or not by looking at "https:// prefix at the beginning of their URL. Shop from the website only which has https:// prefix. Never click on the link of an email which looks suspicious.

2.  Never save card information on the website

While you make payments, many websites will ask permission to save card details. This is usually done to save time as you don't have to enter card details each time you make a purchase. But, saving your card details may cause a problem. There are chances of someone else using card details to make a purchase, if they get access to your account on the website. Also, if the website is hacked, fraudsters can gain access to all your data.

3. Do not use public Wi-Fi

We all use public Wi-Fi networks provided at cafes, hotels and shopping malls. These networks are open to all. Connecting to such networks can put your personal data at risk. As public networks are poorly protected, hackers can steal information such as your passwords or credit card details, easily. So, it is advisable not to make an online payment by connecting to a public Wi-Fi.

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4. Hide your card number

It is advisable to hide your credit card and CVV number, while making online payments in public places.

5. Consider using a virtual credit card number

If you are using credit cards to make an online payment without providing your credit card number, then you are using a virtual or temporary card number. Many companies provide virtual or temporary card numbers to their customers, which can be used a few times. Using this helps reduce the chances of getting scammed.

6. Go through your card statements

Many people have the habit of paying credit card bills, without going through their credit card statements. But, this is not a good habit. It is advisable to keep track of your credit card statements, to check if your credit card is safe. In case you find any unauthorized transactions, report them to the bank immediately.

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