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Tips to protect your money from cyber frauds

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 16, 2019  6:02:pm

Tips to protect your money from cyber frauds

Cyber fraud in India is increasing each day. Fraudsters have come up with innovative tricks to cheat people and make quick money. Even though advancements in technology have helped people in several ways, citizens continue to lose lakhs of rupees to cyber-fraud each year. When compared to the last few years; cyber frauds have doubled in India. Each time new technology comes up; fraudsters come up with tricks to make money out of it.

If you are not careful while carrying out any transactions, fraudsters can easily wipe out your bank account. A lot of people have lost lakhs of rupees to small mistakes. In this blog, we will discuss certain precautions which help you save yourself from cyber frauds.

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1. Card payments

A lot of time frauds take place when you give away your card to make payments. Normally, when we want to make payments at restaurants we give away our card to the waiter and even tell him the PIN. But, this is not a good habit. We should never give away our card to anyone as this can lead to card skimming. You should always make payments using your card in your presence.

2. Never share your secret information with anyone

Your secret information is meant to be secret and you must never share it with anyone. No banks or reputed companies will call asking for your personal banking information. So, never share your card number, CVV, OTP, PIN and other important details with anyone.

3. Use different cards for a different location

Instead of using the same debit or credit card for making payments at all places, you can use a different card at different locations. You can carry 3-4 cards and set a particular limit to the amounts. By doing this, you will not lose much money even if there’s a fraud.

4. Beware of fake messages and emails

You might have received messages and emails stating that you have won one crore lottery or bank account has been credited with a large amount of money. These messages are sent with the intention of stealing your credit/ debit card details so never respond to them.

5. Avoid using unsafe and suspicious websites

Fraudsters have set up many fake websites with the intention of cheating people. When you make payments on a vulnerable and unsafe website; there are chances of fraudsters stealing your data. So before making payments on any website, make sure it is genuine.

6. Don't save your password in any application

A lot of people save their passwords and banking details in apps. But, this is not a good idea as some fake apps might use your password to carry out fraudulent transactions.

7. Never make payments using public Wi-Fi

You must never make payments while your phone is connected to public Wi-Fi as there are chances of fraudsters stealing your details.

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