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Tips to safeguard your digital cash

IamCheated.com Research Team | December 24, 2019  11:14:am

Tips to safeguard your digital cash

The number of people using online transactions are on the rise. A lot of people use apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm and many others to carry out various transactions online. These apps are really helpful as a lot of things can be done through them. With the help of these apps, you can do things like a money transfer, online shopping, payment of utility bills, booking tickets and much more. Using these apps you can even pay money to the merchants at retail stores.

While these apps are widely used across the country, fraudsters are misusing them to cheat users and make quick money. Even though banks and digital wallet providers send warning alerts to people through SMS and emails many people are falling prey to it. So it is very important to stay informed to safeguard your digital cash. In this blog, we will provide you certain tips to save your digital cash.

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Tips to safeguard your digital cash

1. Never share your UPI PIN

Your UPI PIN is just like your ATM card PIN. Do you share your ATM card PIN with anyone? No right? In the same way, you must never share your UPI PIN with anyone. You must keep your UPI PIN secret.

2. Download trusted apps

There are many fake apps created by fraudsters with the intention of getting access to your personal information on your mobile. You should download only trusted apps.  Never download the apps suggested to you by strangers. Go instead to the official app stores like PlayStore or AppleStore and download the apps. Before downloading you must do proper research.

You must never enter your UPI PIN in any app. It has to be entered only in your BHIM UPI app or while making payments through trusted apps. Do not share your UPI PIN if you are sent a link asking you to enter your UPI PIN.

3. Don't enter your UPI PIN to receive money

You are required to enter your UPI PIN only while sending money not while receiving money. Many people have fallen prey to the trick played by the fraudsters by sharing their UPI PIN in the name of receiving money. You should always bear in mind that UPI PIN is not required for receiving money. 

4. Beware of fake customer care

You should be aware of fake customer care numbers set up by fraudsters. These numbers are set up with the intention of cheating consumers who are trying to contact the respective companies. You must never search for customer care numbers on Google, instead, you must visit the official website of the company and collect the numbers. In the case of payment apps, you can contact the customer support team with the app itself. You can get in touch with the customer support team through the help section provided in the app.

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