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Tips To Safeguard Your Smartphone In the Monsoons

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 21, 2018  12:46:pm

It’s the rainy season and you can't predict when it will rain. You always try to keep yourself dry by carrying an umbrella around. Just staying dry is not enough. You also have to keep your smartphone dry. If you do not take care of your phone during the rainy season, it might get spoilt at any moment. If you have a waterproof smartphone, you don't have to worry. If you don’t have one, you can try these tricks to safeguard the smartphone from rains.

1. Use a Zip pouch

Using a ZIP pouch to keep your smartphone is one of the easiest ways to protect it from getting wet. There are various kinds of ZIP covers available in the market at affordable rates. You can also keep Silica Gel in the zip covers. Silica Gel absorbs moisture and helps keep things dry. You can find Silica Gel in the new shoe box or bag with a ''Do not eat" warning printed at the side.

2. Turn off immediately

In case you don't have anything to protect your smartphone from rains, switch if off immediately and take out the battery. It is risky to use the wet phone and it can stop working at any time. If your phone gets wet after it has been switched off, you can at least use the phone once it is switched on.

3. Do not charge when wet

Never charge your phone when it is wet. Charging a wet phone can lead to a short circuit. So during the monsoon season, only charge your phone when it is completely dry.

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4. Waterproof covers

Buy a waterproof cover to protect your smartphone from rain damage during the Monsoon. Waterproof covers provide complete protection to smartphones. But, waterproof covers are available only for some smartphones.

5. Use Polybag

If you do not have a Zip pouch or waterproof cover, you can make use of paper or a poly bag to protect your smartphone from getting wet. Turn off your phone wrap it with paper and put it inside the poly bag.

6. Moist free place

It’s the rainy season and it is very important to keep your phone in a moisture-free place in the house, office or any other place.

7. Use wireless headphones

During the rainy season, it is advisable to use Bluetooth earphones to talk on your phone or listen to music. This helps you keep your phone inside your bag and protect it from the rain. iPhone users can use AirPods to protect the set.

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