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Tips To Use Internet Banking Safely

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 11, 2018  7:52:pm

According to a survey, Indians lose more money to online fraudsters than their Asian counterparts. In the year 2016, 36% Indians were cheated online. Fake bank email scam is one of the top three online scams in India. Fraudsters use many ways to cheat you by collecting your personal banking information. So, you should be very careful while transacting online. We will give you 7 tips to use internet banking safely.

1. Use original antivirus software

You must install a genuine antivirus on your computer to protect it from malware, phishing, and other security threats. With the help of genuine antivirus, you can detect and remove spyware which tries to steal your private information.

2. Update your password regularly

Changing your password regularly helps you to keep your account safe and maintain confidentiality. The password you choose should be strong and long. If someone calls you claiming that they are from the bank, do not share your password with them. Banks never call you to ask for personal banking information.

3. Do not use public Wi-Fi

If you use public wifi to do net banking transactions, hackers can easily track all your data. An unsecured connection is a gateway for hackers to introduce malware into your device. So, you should never use public Wi-Fi to do internet or mobile banking.

4. Register to SMS and email alert facility

You must register to the SMS and email alert facility, to stay informed on your banking transactions. You will receive an SMS and email notification each time you transact with your bank account. You will even receive notification on the unsuccessful login attempts to your net-banking account.

5. Update your smartphone with latest updates

You must update your smart phone's operating system with the latest security patches and updates.

6. Never login to net banking using public computers

You should not login to your net banking using a public computer, as there is a higher risk of compromising your login details. In case you login using public computers, you should not allow the browser to remember your login details. And do not forget to clear your browsing history, cache and all the temporary files from the computer.

7. Go through your account regularly

Checking your account regularly will help you identify if there are any irregularities, as most of the banks shows your login history. In case you find any irregularities, change your password and report it to the bank immediately.

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