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Top 6 ATM Safety Tips

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 10, 2018  7:33:pm

There are many cases of ATM frauds in recent times. Scamsters use a number of tricks to trap you and steal your hard-earned money. You should be careful while transacting at the ATM. In this blog, we will give you some tips to stay safe when you use ATMs.

1. Memorize your PIN

Some people find it difficult to remember the PIN.  They write it on the back of the card. But, this is not a good habit. You must memorize your PIN and not write it down anywhere. Always cover the keypad with your hands, while entering the PIN and do not let others look over your shoulder when you enter it.

2. Transact in an ATM at a public area

You should always pay attention to the area, where the ATM is located. Never choose an ATM which is located at the corner of a building or in a less secure area.  While withdrawing money, always stay focused and do not speak to strangers. Never take the help of strangers to withdraw cash.

3. Do not count the cash at the ATM

Never count the cash at the ATM. Wait till you reach a secure place and then count the cash.

4. Scan the ATM before you transact

Don't start transacting in an ATM, as soon as you enter. Quickly scan the ATM before you withdraw money. Make sure no extra device is attached to the ATM. Fraudsters attach some devices to capture your card information and PIN electronically. You should avoid using the ATM where the card reader is bulky or unusual.

5. Do not leave your receipt behind

You should not leave your receipt behind in the ATM. Even if the receipt does not contain your account number, fraudsters might use the information on receipts, to build up information for an identity theft. So, you must tear the receipt once you are done.

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