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Tricks Stores Use To Make You Spend More

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 27, 2018  7:16:pm

Retailers employ clever techniques, to make customers spend more than they intend. Every aspect or method used by retailers, has a specific purpose. So, you must be very clever while shopping and not fall for the tricks used by retailers.

1. The Famous Discount Trap

Retailers offer discounts such as "Buy one get one free" and "Buy one and get another at 40% off". These discounts are not true discounts. They are a trick used by retailers to attract customers.

For example, If you buy one product and get another for free, the first product actually covers the cost of the second one.  During the discount offer, customers are likely to shop, more than usual.

2. Offering shopping carts at the entrance

When you enter a store, you will be given a shopping bag, to inspire you to make a larger purchase. If you carry things in your hand, you will make a lesser purchase. When you have a shopping bag, you tend to pick more items. You even end up buying things which you don't need, just because you don't feel like returning with an empty shopping bag.

3. Loading checkout counters with tempting products

The most profitable area in the store, is the checkout counter. Checkout counters are loaded with many items like chocolate, chewing gum and even magazines. Even if you don't need these items, you end up purchasing them, after a long shopping session.

4. The Dynamic Pricing Model

The Dynamic pricing strategy is mostly used by online retailers. Under this strategy, online retailers offer different prices to different customers. When you visit an online shopping portal, your search and spending patterns are tracked. You will be charged more than other customers for a particular product, if you have searched for that particular product, many times in the past. So, it is advisable to use the private window for browsing an online shopping portal.

5. Creating an urgency

While shopping online, you might have come across notifications like, last few days left, Only 1 unit left, 10 people are looking at this right now and so on. These notifications catch your attention and create a sense of urgency. The main intention of showing these notifications, is to make customers act quickly and buy the product, before it goes out of stock or its price increases.

6. Free shipping after a certain amount

This is the most common trick used by online retailers, to make customers shop more. You don’t want to pay for shipping. So, you make additional purchases, to reach a specified limit, just to avoid shipping charges.

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