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Types of Online Frauds

IamCheated.com Research Team | November 05, 2018  6:19:pm

Online frauds are frauds committed using the internet. As people using the internet rise each day, online fraud also increases. Scamsters use many tricks to steal money from people who transact online. In this blog, we will discuss various types of online frauds which you need be aware of.

Types of Online Frauds

1. Work from home frauds

As more people look to earn money through work from home, fraudsters are taking advantage of this situation to make quick money. In the case of work from home frauds, fraudsters cheat innocent people by promising that they will be paid a good sum of money for working from home. To start working from home, candidates will be asked to transfer money online. Fraudsters claim that this money will be used to provide a job kit. Once the amount is transferred, there will be no trace of them. Fraudsters run away with your money.

You must be careful while registering for a work from home scheme. In case your employer asks you to deposit money, do proper research on the company and make sure it is genuine.

2. Lottery fraud

Lottery fraud is one of the biggest online frauds in India. Under this fraud, fraudsters contact people through emails, phone calls and messages, informing they have won a lottery worth crores. To receive the lottery amounts, victims will be asked to make an online transfer in the name of a tax and processing fee.

Recently, many people in India have been cheated in the name of the famous programme, Kaun Banega Crorepati. Fraudsters are contacting people over the phone or through WhatsApp, posing as KBC crews and telling them that they have won a cash prize by participating in the quiz show. To receive the cash price, victims were asked to deposit a tax of Rs 8,000 to 10,000.

If you receive any emails or phone calls stating you have won a lottery, kindly ignore such calls.

3. Online shopping fraud

Online shopping is a convenient way of shopping. It helps you shop from the comfort of home. Fraudsters are tricking customers and online shopping fraud is rising in India. The products you get are a cheap fake of the original product. Many of these sites even offer fake positive reviews. The customer care doesn’t bother replying.

Many fake online sites offer discounts to lure customers. You make a payment using mobile wallet or credit card to book a mobile or whichever item catches your fancy. You will then see, Order under processing. This will continue for several months and when you’re fed up and do a check, you find the fraudsters have absconded with your money. There was a case in which fraudsters had actually sent cheques to customers as a refund. When cheques were deposited, there was no money in the account and the cheque bounced. Customers had to pay the fine.

4. Online matrimony frauds:

This is a fraud which is fast rising. Many people believe they have found their soul mates online, only to be cheated of lakhs of rupees. Many of the victims are educated citizens.

A 50-year old woman from Mangaluru was conned out of Rs 2 Lakhs and a man of Rs 12 Lakhs. Many citizens send money online to their newly found soul mates on matrimonial sites who claim to be in some difficulty. The fraudsters quickly transfer the money to another account, before the police can block the account. You never see the money again.

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