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Want to Keep Your Debit Card Safe from Frauds? Follow These Steps

IamCheated.com Research Team | July 12, 2019  6:54:pm

Want to keep your debit card safe from frauds? Follow these steps

When you open a savings bank account at your bank, you are offered a debit card. Say 10 years earlier, debit cards were hardly used. But today, debit cards have become an important part of your life.

Debit cards are used to make payments at many places like restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, supermarkets, medical stores and much more.  Debit cards are also used to make online payments while booking tickets, paying utility bills, shopping online and so on.  Can you imagine a day without debit cards?

As debit cards are used by many people, frauds related to debit cards are on the rise. In recent years, a lot of debit card users lost their hard-earned money to debit card frauds. Fraudsters are getting smarter each day and have come up with innovative tricks to make quick money. So, you have to be really careful while using your debit cards and try to stay safe from frauds.

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In this blog, we will discuss certain steps which help you keep debit card safe.

1. You must never hand over your debit card to anyone including your family members. Whenever you make payments using your debit card, make sure it is swiped in your presence. Do not let anyone take away your debit card. Don’t disclose your PIN number to anyone.

2. To wipe out money from your bank account, fraudsters send fake emails, messages and even make calls, posing as executives from banks or any other reputed company. They ask people to provide card details and then use them to carry out fraudulent transactions.

So, you must not provide card details and any other information to anyone over the phone. Keep one thing in mind that no banks or reputed companies ever call, asking for your card details. 

3. Change your debit card PIN number occasionally to avoid frauds. Avoid keeping your Birthday as a password.

4.  You must check your bank account statements, regularly. You can easily trace unauthorized transactions with your debit card. In case you find any unauthorized transaction on your debit card, you must inform the bank as soon as possible.

5. Never opt for auto-fills while using your debit card to make online transactions via laptop or computer. The browser will store data if you opt for autofill and this stored information can be hacked.

6. In case your debit card is lost or stolen, block it immediately, by contacting the customer care of the bank. If you do not block your stolen or lost card, there are chances of fraudsters misusing it.   

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