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Warning signs of job scams

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 04, 2020  3:55:pm

You might be receiving a lot of job offers through SMS, calls, and email. But, have you ever checked if these offers are genuine? If you believe these offers to be genuine, you are wrong. There are many incidents where fraudsters send fake job offers to job aspirants with the intention of making a quick buck. So the next time you receive a job offer, check if it is genuine before responding. This helps stay safe from frauds. In this blog, we will discuss some warning signs of job scams.

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Warning signs of job scams

1. Too good to be true

If you are offered a job which is too good to be true, it is a big warning sign of a job scam. Finding a great job is not easy. In the case of too good to be true job offers, fraudsters contact saying they found your resume online. The pay is high and you will be offered a job immediately, after a quick telephonic interview. One thing you should keep in mind is you can’t get a job after just a telephonic interview.

2. Vague job description

In the case of fake job offers, you will be sent a job description which is very vague. The mail does not clearly mention what you have to do.

3. Unprofessional emails

Job offer emails sent by fraudsters are not well written. They are unprofessional when compared to the emails sent by genuine companies. These emails will have a lot of spelling mistakes. Reputed companies do not make silly mistakes as they have professionals who can write well.

4. No contact details

Fake job offer emails do not have a company address and contact details. Emails are sent by personal email IDs. If asked, fraudsters will say that the company's server is down or the company hasn't set up their own email system.

5. Asking for confidential details

If you are asked for confidential information like bank details, the job offer is a fake. Fraudsters ask you to provide bank account details stating that they will set up a direct deposit or transfer money to your bank account. The information provided will be used for fraudulent transactions.

6.  Asking for payments

Fake jobs normally ask people to make payments for the offer letter. They even say that the amount is refundable once they join the company or it is for providing the job kit. But, if you make the payment, you will not get back the money. One thing you must keep in mind is, no reputed companies ask for payments while offering jobs.

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