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Ways To Detect A Fake Job Offer

IamCheated.com Research Team | August 27, 2018  6:47:pm

Having a job is very important and people strive to find their dream job. Two-third of India’s population is below 35 years and most of these citizens aspire to build their career in a reputed company. As many people are looking for dream jobs, job scams have increased rapidly in India. Many Job aspirants are falling prey to job scams and fraudsters have become very smart these days, as it has become very difficult to identify if a job is fake or genuine. The main intention behind job scams is to collect hard-earned money from job aspirants in the name of giving them a good job.

Email job scams are increasing each day. Fraudsters send job offers via emails, claiming to be from an employer, recruiter, or a Job Board. Another common job scam is the work from home job scams. Under this scam, fraudsters cheat innocent people by promising them good money, just by working for a few hours from home. To join this scheme, candidates will be asked to deposit money with the employer. After collecting the money, fraudsters disappear.

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As job scams are increasing each day we will discuss ways to detect a fake job offer:

1. Never make a payment

One thing you must keep in mind while applying for a job in a reputed company is, you will never be asked to make payments for a vacancy in the company. If you are asked to make a payment, it is a fake job. Fraudsters could cheat innocent people by asking them to pay money in the name of a bond or security deposits to get an offer letter. If you come across any such incident, it is a fake job and never pay money to these fraudsters.

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2. Background Check

You must do proper research on the company before applying for the job or attending the interview. It is advisable to visit the official website of the company and find out what they are into. If the company does not have an official website, then it might be a fake job posting. Each company has its website which contains detailed information on the company.

3. Job details

If the job posting does not contain complete details on the job such as pay scale, how the money will be paid and so on, try to make a clarification. Many a time, fake job emails don't give you complete information on the job, role, company, and package. The content of the e-mail will remain unclear.

4. Interview process

Instead of just relying on a telephonic interview, try to have a face to face interaction with the employer. Fraudsters usually prefer to have only telephonic interviews.

5. Make use of Google

If you have received a job offer from any company, study the Company through Google. Type the company name in the Google Search Engine. If the company does not appear in the Google Search, or there are many bad reviews on the company, stay away from them.

6. Never disclose personal details

If you have received a job offer which is too good to be true, verify before taking the next step. This could be a fake job. In case you receive a job offer through mail, asking you to provide personal banking details, just be 100% sure, someone is trying to cheat you. 

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