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Ways To Protect Your Facebook Account

IamCheated.com Research Team | June 26, 2018  1:44:pm

Facebook is a wonderful place to keep you posted on the latest news from friends and family. But, you have to be careful while using Facebook or else, strangers can view your location, photos, relationship status and so on. There are a few ways which help you to secure your Facebook account.

1. You can protect your profile picture

People can easily identify you through your profile picture. It is an important tool for identification. But unfortunately, fraudsters can create a fake profile in your name and upload your actual profile picture. In order to curb this practice, Facebook has come up with a feature called 'Profile picture guard'.

To protect your current profile picture, you have to click on your profile picture. When the picture is opened, click on the option given at the bottom of the picture and select "Turn on profile picture guard". After doing this a blue shield will appear on your image and nobody will be allowed to share or download your picture.

2. Know the devices on which you have logged onto your Facebook account

Facebook will let you know the devices on which you have logged on to your Facebook account. To know this, under settings you have to select the option Security and Login. This will give you a list of devices such as a laptop, phone, tablet and so on, which you have logged on to your Facebook account. If you do not recognize any devices you can remove them.

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3. Use your friends as authenticators

Your Facebook account will be locked if any attempts to hack your account or an unrecognized login are identified. After your account is locked, you won't be able to access it. In earlier times, regaining your Facebook account used to be quite difficult. Now, you can choose five trusted friends who can help you regain access to your account.

To activate this feature, you have to go to Settings > Security and login > Choose friends to contact and select at least three people from your friends list. In case your account is locked, these selected friends can help you regain access to your account by sending verification codes for authentication.

4.  Control third-party login

You can sign up for many third-party apps and websites using your Facebook account. This eliminates the process of creating a new account from scratch. But sometimes you forget to cancel Facebook access for third-party apps and websites after you stop using them. 

To identify all the websites and apps you have logged in to using your Facebook account, go to settings > Apps and websites. You can see the list of the apps and websites which have access to your Facebook account. You can then remove the apps or websites from the list.

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