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What is Hacking?

IamCheated.com Research Team | October 12, 2018  6:22:pm

The internet has become a very important part of our lives. We depend on the internet for almost everything. It helps us do a lot of things and we can't even imagine life without the internet. As the internet has become very useful, at the same time, there are many drawbacks. As more people use the internet, hackers are taking advantage and committing breaches. Even though users secure their accounts and websites, hackers somehow try to break through and gain access. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know on hacking and types of hacking.

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What is hacking?

Hacking means gaining access to someone's computer, mobile phone or any electronic device to steal private data forcefully without the user’s permission. The person who commits the hack is called a hacker. Hackers are skilled computer programmers with knowledge on computer security systems. The purpose of hacking might differ across hackers, while some hackers commit a hack, to gain access to sensitive information, or make an alteration in the data. Hacking is used to perform other crimes like identity theft, stealing someone’s intellectual property and so on.

In order to gain access to a particular computer or mobile, hackers might use software on the internet as a tool. Hacking software’s would usually be in the form of lotteries, free games and so on. These software’s function as ‘clickbait’. Clickbait is a website link designed to attract users to click on it and get directed to a certain web-page or video.

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Types of Hacking:

These are different types of hacking:

1.  Website Hacking

In the case of website hacking, hackers take control over the server of websites and associated software like databases and other interfaces. After taking control, hackers make changes to the content on that website. In 2015 Trai's official website was hacked.

2.  Network Hacking

Network hacking refers to gathering information on the network with the help of various tools, used for the purpose of hacking the entire network through connected devices. Example of this is hacking an entire office network.

3. Email Hacking

Email hacking refers to gaining access to someone's email or email account without the permission of the owner. The email account usually has private information like net banking passwords, mobile wallet, social media and so on. Even the OTP's will be sent to the personal email ids.

4. Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking refers to identifying weaknesses in a machine or network system for the purpose of testing and fixing them.

5. Online banking hacking

Online banking hacking refers to gaining access to some one's bank account, without the permission of the account holder. This is mainly done to steal money from the bank account.

6. Computer Hacking

Computer hacking refers to gaining unauthorized access to a computer system for the purpose of making changes to files or for stealing machine ID’s and passwords.

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