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What is Malware?

IamCheated.com Research Team | September 17, 2019  4:33:pm

Malware Introduction

We all depend on smartphones and computers to carry out a lot of transactions. With the help of these devices, you can carry out transactions like money transfers, bill payment, tickets booking, online shopping and much more.

We store a lot of personal information on our smartphones and computers. While these two devices are widely used, fraudsters are targeting computers or mobiles through Malware. This is done with the intention of looting money from bank accounts or getting access to personal information like photos and address books.

In this blog, we will discuss what malware is and how it is used to steal your personal information.

What is Malware?

Malware is an abbreviation of malicious software. It is a piece of software which is designed to infect and damage a computer system along with stealing data. There are different kinds of malware. Malware is created by cybercriminals with the intention of making money either by spreading the malware themselves or selling it on the Dark Web.

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Types of malware

1. Virus

2. Trojans

3. Spyware

4. Keyloggers

5. Ransomware

6. Worms

7. Adware

Main sources of Malware infection

Your computer will be infected by malware through the following sources:

1. Phishing mails

You receive so many emails each day and many are sent from unknown people. Clicking on unknown links or attachments may infect your system.

2. Malicious websites

You must be very careful while accessing any website as your system can be infected by malware through malicious websites. It is very important to check the URL before accessing any website.  Always check for 'https' for a secured URL.

3. Cracked or pirated software

Cracked or pirated software is one of the main sources of malware infection.

4. Public open Wi-Fi

Your system or mobile phone might get infected by malware by connecting to a public open Wi-Fi.

5. Infected pen drive

Inserting an Infected pen drive in your system many spread malware.

Risks of malware

Here are the risks associated with malware

1. If your system is infected by malware, whatever you type on the keyboard will be captured. This is called a key logger.

2. Your sensitive information is like a password. Personal information like photographs and the address book can be stolen if your system is infected by malware.

3. The malware corrupts files, encrypts hard disks and demands ransom from users.

Signs of malware infection

1. If your system is infected by malware, it slows down or hangs frequently.

2. In case of malware infection, a lot of pop-up windows will appear on your system even when you are not browsing the internet.

3. Corrupted programs & data files are also signs of malware infection.

How to prevent malware attacks?

1. To prevent malware attacks, you have to install an authorized antivirus on your system and update it regularly.

2. Avoid downloading attachments from unknown sources as it can infect your system which can cause a lot of trouble.

3. Never click on unknown links sent to you through emails.

4. Do not visit untrusted websites.

5. Make use of the pop-up blocker feature of your browser.

6. Most of us connect to public Wi-Fi or hotspots at the airport lounge, cafe, and other places. But, you should avoid doing this to protect your system from malware.

7. Try to avoid doing banking transactions from a cyber cafe and other public places.

8. Make sure to do the backup of your system regularly.

9. You have to be very careful while downloading or installing any pirated/cracked software.

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