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What To Do In Case Of Unauthorized Transaction With Your SBI Account?

IamCheated.com Research Team | April 09, 2019  6:33:pm

What to do in Case of Unauthorized Transaction with your SBI Account??

With the advent of technology, banking has become easy and hassle-free. You can do a lot of things, just by sitting at home and there is no need to visit your bank for every little thing. With the help of online banking, transferring money from one bank account to another, paying utility bills, booking tickets, shopping online and a lot of things are just a click away. The number of people using online transactions has increased after demonetization. Now, many Indians prefer card transactions and online banking over cash transactions.

As a lot of people use online banking, online banking frauds too are on the rise. Fraudsters use various techniques to trick people and wipe out money from bank accounts. The most common techniques used by fraudsters to carry out bank frauds are vishing, phishing, card skimming, and identity theft.

In case you notice any unauthorized transaction in your bank account, it means you are the victim of bank fraud. Either your card might have been cloned by fraudsters or your personal information has been compromised. Many people do not know what has to be done in such a situation. But, sitting quiet and doing nothing, is not an option. Instead, you must take the necessary steps to get back your hard earned money.

So, in this blog, we will discuss what has to be done when you face unauthorized transactions from your SBI account. State Bank of India is India's largest public sector bank with a large customer base. It has more than 43,000 ATMs across the country and it offers a wide variety of banking services.

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What to do in Case of Unauthorized Transaction with your SBI Account?

Here is what you have to do when you face unauthorized transactions with your SBI account.

1. Call up customer care number

If you face unauthorized transactions with your SBI account, you must notify the bank immediately by calling up the toll-free number 1-800-425-3800 and 1-800-11-2211.

2. Register the complaint online

In case of an unauthorized transaction from your SBI account, you can even register a complaint online. Here is how you can file a complaint online.

1. You must first visit the SBI website and click on 'Complaints and Compliments' option. You will then have to find "Want to register an unauthorized transaction?' and click on 'Register Complaint'.

2. Once you click on 'Register Complaint' you will be taken to a consumer complaint form, where you will be asked to enter details like account number, name, branch code, mobile number, customer type, email ID, nature of the complaint, products, and services. You will also be provided with an option, where you will be asked to describe your complaint in 500 characters.

3. After providing all the information, you must enter the Captcha code and click on Submit. You will be allowed to check your complaint status.

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Note: In order to get notified on the unauthorized banking transactions, make sure to subscribe to the email and SMS notification by the bank. 

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