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Woman Loses Rs 90 Lakh To Facebook Friend Fraud

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 28, 2019  3:41:pm

Woman Loses Rs 90 Lakh To Facebook Friend Fraud

Facebook is getting more popular each day as its user base increases rapidly. The main reason why Facebook is loved by many people is, it is an excellent place to stay in touch with friends and family. You also get a chance to meet new people through Facebook. While the number of people using social media sites like Facebook is on the rise, social media frauds too are increasing. Criminals use social media to cheat people and make quick money.

Fraudsters create fake accounts on social media and trick people through various methods. In this blog, we will talk about the real-life story of a senior citizen who lost Rs 90 Lakh to a fake Facebook friend.

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Woman Loses Rs 90 Lakh To Facebook Friend Fraud

A 52-year-old woman received a friend request on Facebook, from an unknown person in the month of February. After she accepted the friend request, she started chatting with the new friend. The accused introduced himself as a pilot settled in the UK. They were in touch for more than a week. The friend told her he had sent a gift. He also said that the parcel had gold jewelry, a gold heart and $70,000 in cash.

The accused told her the parcel was stuck at the customs office in Delhi and he even promised to visit her in a few days. He requested her to get the parcel released from the customs by depositing Rs 45,000. The accused had impressed the lady to such an extent that she didn't even bother suspecting him.

As requested by the accused, the victim first deposited Rs 45,000 in the agent's account on March 8th.  As soon as she transferred the amount, the accused started demanding more money. She again transferred the amount ranging from Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 5.8 Lakh in the name of customs duty and RBI stamp charges for smooth transportation of the parcel to her place. After depositing the money she received a call from a representative of the Bank of America who asked her to pay money and clear the parcel which was stuck at customs.

After the woman received a phone call from the Bank of America, the accused asked her to open an account in that bank so that he could transfer $70,000 to the account. Before the account was opened she was asked to send more money. Believing this it is true, she transferred money to 8 different accounts at Delhi, Haryana, Jaipur, and Uttarakhand. She later received a debit card from the accused and was told that the account was opened. In the end, she got to know that she was duped by the fraudsters.

In a span of 11 days she had transferred Rs 90 Lakh to different bank accounts in 23 installments. She gave away the entire PF money she had received on her husband's death. She even withdrew savings from her fixed deposits.

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How to save yourself from Facebook Friend Fraud?

You should not accept friend requests of the people you don't know. Avoid getting too close to strangers on Facebook.

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