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Women's Day: How Women Can Protect Themselves From Online Fraud?

IamCheated.com Research Team | March 07, 2019  4:16:pm

As online frauds rise each day, many women fall victims to these frauds and lose hard earned money. As the number of people using the internet is on the rise, fraudsters are coming up with various tricks to cheat people. Women are more prone to frauds like work from home fraud, matrimonial fraud, social media frauds, online shopping frauds and so on.

As today is women's day, let's take some time out and discuss how women fall victims to fraud and how to avoid them.

Here are the frauds which women are more likely to fall victim

1. Work from home scam

As many women are looking for the work from home opportunity, work from home scams are on the rise. Under this scam, fraudsters cheat people by promising that they will earn a handsome amount of money by working for just a few hours from home. In order to sign up to this scheme, they will be asked to deposit a certain amount. Once the amount is deposited, there’s no trace of the fraudsters.

How to avoid this fraud?

a. If an employer provides you with an opportunity which is too good to be true, use your common sense and ask yourself a question, how will the company make a profit if they provide so much money for such less work?

b. Before depositing the money, do proper research on the company. You get to know this by checking reviews.  You must always keep in mind that reputed companies do not ask for deposits while offering the job.

2. Online shopping fraud

In case of online shopping fraud, fraudsters use different tricks to cheat people of their hard earned money. As women love shopping, they are most likely to fall victim to such fraud.  There are many fake online shopping portals which show some great products at cheap rates and entice people to order them. But, in the end, they either deliver a fake product or do not deliver the product, even if the payment is made.

In some cases, when people contact customer care of the online shopping portal, they will be asked to provide their card details and OTP to get the issue resolved. Recently, a woman lost Rs 80,000, when she had called up the customer care number for a refund of Rs 107.

How to avoid this fraud?

a. Before purchasing a product from an online shopping portal, do proper research on the portal. Do not make the purchase if you have any doubts on the company.

b. Opt for cash on delivery, if you are purchasing from the portal for the first time.

c. Do not share your personal information like card number, CVV and OTP to anyone over the phone.

3. Matrimonial fraud

In this busy life, many people prefer matrimonial sites to find a life partner. But, the sad part is, matrimonial sites are not completely safe. There are many cases of women getting cheated on matrimonial sites.

Real life example of matrimonial fraud:

 A 44-year-old lady from Mumbai was cheated of Rs 1.2 Crores by a US resident, whom she got in touch on a matrimonial website. The accused contacted the lady saying he was looking for an Indian bride as he found Indian women to be “good-natured”. He got close to the lady by telling her he would marry her soon and cheated her of Rs 1.2 Crores.

How to avoid this fraud?

1. Before registering on an online matrimonial site, check how genuine the website is. Go through the reviews of the website.

2. Before getting in touch with any person on the matrimonial site, you must check the background of the person.

3. Never lend money to a person whom you meet on matrimonial sites.

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