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Work From Home Scams

IamCheated.com Research Team | February 13, 2018  2:06:pm

Work from home scam is quite common and is growing day by day. Under this scam, fraudsters cheat people by promising that they will earn a good amount of money, just by working for a few hours from home. To join this scheme, you will be asked to deposit money with the employer. The employer will claim that this amount will be used to provide a job kit, that will help you in your work.  After you deposit the money, you will be paid a small amount for your work about 2 or 3 times. Later on, you will stop receiving money from your employer.

You can understand work from home scam through this simple example:

Mrs Priya is a housewife and she was looking for a work from home opportunity, to earn some money. She had received a mail from some company which claimed she could earn around Rs 40,000 per month. She was asked to get herself registered, by clicking on the link provided.

However, the company asked her to deposit a registration fee of Rs 6,000. She paid Rs 6,000 and registered herself with the scheme. She started working and received Rs 300 as payment at the end of each day. But, the money stopped after 2 days. Later, she tried calling the Company and even wrote emails, but she did not get any response from them. She had fallen prey to fraudsters of a work from home scam.

Ways to protect yourself from Work from home scams

1. Use your common sense

While evaluating any opportunity, if you find it very profitable (Too Good To Be True), think about the logic of it from the other side. How will the company make money if they are paying you so much, for so less work.

2. Do your research

Before depositing your money, do a proper research on the company. Know where it is located and contact them via phone/mobile. Have a look at the Companies social media accounts and its reviews. You should also keep in mind that genuine companies do not charge money to job applicants.

3. Avoid opportunities on Unsolicited emails

To find work from home jobs, use traditional channels of job searches such as job portals and newspapers.  Most of the time, job opportunities sent via Unsolicited emails are not genuine.

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