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You may land up in jail if you do these things on WhatsApp

IamCheated.com Research Team | January 13, 2020  5:02:pm

You may land up in jail if you do these things on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps around and is used by a lot of people. This app helps stay in touch with friends and family. Using WhatsApp, you can do several things like sending text messages, videos, audios, documents, making video calls, audio calls and so on.

This app can also be used for making payments. Today, WhatsApp is being used even for business purposes. Another feature of WhatsApp is a WhatsApp group, where one can create a group by adding people. Members of the group are allowed to share text messages, videos, audios and other things on the group. 

WhatsApp groups have become an important concern for law enforcement agencies in India as it is used to encourage mobs and mobilize attacks. Doing certain things on WhatsApp is against the law and you can be arrested for doing them. If you think WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption and police cannot track you, you are sadly mistaken.

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Metadata on each user is collected by WhatsApp which its parent company Facebook can share with law enforcement agencies, when they seek it. The police can get to know your name, mobile number, IP address, location, mobile network, and your mobile handset type. They can also know with whom you are chatting, what time you have sent messages and how long you were chatting. They can gain access to your contacts.

If you do the following things on WhatsApp, you can be arrested.

1. Admins of the WhatsApp group can be tracked and arrested by the Police if any of the group members promote unlawful activities in the group.

2.  You may be arrested by the cops if you use WhatsApp to share porn clips, especially child porn, images or offensive material.

3. The police have the right to arrest you, if a woman files a complaint against you for harassment over WhatsApp.

4. If you impersonate or create a WhatsApp account using someone else's identity, you will be behind bars.

5. Police can arrest someone who uses WhatsApp to spread hate messages or promotes religious violence.

6. You can be arrested if you spread fake news or rumors on sensitive topics to encourage violence.

7. If someone is found using Whatsapp for the purpose of selling drugs or any other prohibited items to people, they can be arrested by the police.

8. If anyone is found making use of WhatsApp for sending illegally filmed hidden camera sex clips or video clips of people or any kind of voyeurism they can be arrested by the cops.

9. You will be behind the bars if you share doctored videos, morphed photos of important people on the WhatsApp group.

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