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Issued the policy in the name of the ICICI bank OD facility

Dear My Name is Sandesh I work as a manager in Hyd i received a call from the ICICI bank Delhi ans said they will provide a OD facility for that i have to take a policy from the Bajaj Allianz the premium will be 80K for the OD of 15 Lacks. They got the signature on the policy documents as well as the OD form of the ICICI bank. Then after the submission of the Documents and cheque of 80000 Rs. I receibved a call from the ICICI bank and after asking some questions they told that my OD has been approved for 16.45 laks and they will present the cheque. The cheque got cleared and after 20 days received the policy. After that they told that i will get a call for the policy mortgauge from the ICIC bank. Now i Am trying to call them the Nos are coming switched off and temporirly out of service. I dont want the policy which is put me on Fraud basis. Also if people use the name of such reputed banks and easily roam with their forms then how anyone will believe in the Bank. I have long association with the ICICI bank. Now i am doubting the bank as how did they get My Mobile no. Now planning to shift all my banking within a year as I no longer Have trust. Please clarify Name of the People SONIA, RENu 9911200759 and 9718928855