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Merchant Commission deductions on Shopclues.com

I am a registered merchant on Shopclues.com, this site is making fool of its merchants. This is what my experience has been with Shopclues.com: They charge a fix commission amount on each product retailed (which is completely valid, as other sites also do), but what they do is charge extra commission in the payment cycle and also for some orders, extra shipping fees. Then after raising several complaints on the Merchant Support, they will reply " The amount will be adjusted in next billing cycle", and then that next billing cycle will never come. My payment is stuck with them for more than 3 months now, and still I get the same reply from their end. To add more, still they do the same discrepancy, and if you raise a doubt in advance, then there could be a discrepancy in this order at the time of billing, they would say let the payment come first, then we will see. Please escalate this to higher departments. Shopclues.com is discouraging Merchants to do an online ecommerce business.