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Refusal to return bad product

My wife had ordered ladies suit (order id: 87910694 ). The suit that was delivered was completely different from what was shown on the website.We had filed for return giving details as (Embroidery and its colour is different, colour of the suit is also different, the work on the bottom of the shirt is completely different.). However, from day 1, the company just seemed interested in getting out of the responsibility. When the above details were provided, they asked for the product image. I attached the image on the website but still kept getting emails to send the image. I talked to customer care which said that we need to send the image only through email !!! So, I sent the image through email. The customer care representative had said that they'll respond soon. However, there was no response for 10 days. I talked to customer care again and he said that the time for return had already elapsed (even before my previous conversation with customer care). If time had elapsed then why did customer care ask for sending the email. If the company only accepts images through emails, why does it have the option of attaching images on website. Obviously, the company had no intention of processing the return from the start. They delivered horribly different product and are giving lame reasons to get out of it.