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ID: # IMC000000205

- Issue in internet banking

I m kalai selvi from Chennai. I have account sankarankoil tamilnadu.. on 27th I transferred a amount of 1660 to a beneficiary n it's took a charge for transaction 2.50 n d ref no for transaction is SBIN*********** the amount s debited from my account but not credited in beneficiary account.. so I called customer service on 3rd August d person who attended my call told me dat amount s not credited to beneficiary n it is transferred to RBI n amount is in hold there and ask me to call after 10days for status my complaint no is NE***********.I called customer service again on 10th Aug at dat time a lady attended d call c told d amount s credited to beneficiary on 27th July itself .. how is it possible wen I check d status on 3rd August it's not credited but wen I called on 10th Aug amount credited on 27th July itself ah.. is d customer service employee play with me n if I ask anything dey just want to cut d call .. I m really upset with d service of Sbi.. I contact my home branch dey ask me to launch a complaint in customer service.. I m very vexed with making call here n Der.. I want d status of my transfer.. if it s transfered to d beneficiary I need a proof for dat..my account no is ***********. Mail I'd kalai (email hidden)