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Wrong product and missing product

I ordered 2 back cover but they only send one cover, which is also damaged and wrong. And despite my best efforts, there is no replacement or return process from their side till now. ........ Order date: apr 06 2022. Invoice no. #20732 , location pithoragarh, uttarakhand.


IMC000151500 fraud

I have lost 11504 rupees in online fraud


Mh04retail shop

Tshirt not delivered yet

I order tshirt 20day ago but still today i didnt received yet. Sales person didnt take response or solve problem.



Indian Amazon seller department make fraud to the amazon seller in Karnataka without giving his 3 many products return back to him!

Hello, team, Amazon SAFE-T Claim Team Denied Our all genuine SAFE-T Claims by giving the reason "In the event of occasional issues with orders, reimbursement may be issued through SAFE-T in accordance with our policies. However, based on the recent history and pattern of your SAFE-T claims and per the terms of the SAFE-T policy, we are unable to grant your claim." One time ok, two times ok, but the Team Denied our whole SAFE-T Claim and they treated us like we do not have any work to do & come here to sell our product to amazon!! We have Withdrawn 3 more Claims by giving respect to the SAFE-T Claim Team's stand of decision, but they took it as an advantage & they took the seller's right of applying SAFE-T Claim by making all Claims as Denied..! Denied Order id: 1) 403-8123676-6734766 (In 100 pcs of Areca Leaf Plate, we received only 50 pcs need remaining 50 pcs - proof uploaded) 2) 403-6501586-8388343 (Received different fruit pot and Sum Fruits, leaf are missing in the Artificial fruit pot - proof uploaded) so we don't know how to file this fraud case, we are ready to share all proof of document so has an Indian (from Karnataka) believed that the team can help us and gave Justice to us..,



Under warranty but not providing service

I got my TV repaired November 9, 2021 from OneAssist. They gave me a warranty of 3 months. After this my tv started showing same problem again around march. I called oneAssist they told me warranty has been passed which is true. I told them at least give me some discount on new repair as you did not use genuine parts. they agreed and I opted for repair and they gave me some discount and I paid rest of the money on march 22. I again got 3 month warranty because it's a new repair. Now got the same problem on 5 may. I called and asked for warranty replacement. Now they are saying that it's not under warranty. It's not even two months and they are not providing warranty service.


Spin Cycles Dry Clean

Handmade Carpet ruined

I had given my Handknitted woolen Persian carpet for dry cleaning on data(10-Feb-2022). When I received the carpet it was shedding wool like dust and there were tiny holes in the carpet. I called Spin Cycle they said we will take it back to the factory and ensure everything is taken care of. The second time when I got the carpet this was worse than before, tiny holes became big holes. I immediately returned the carpet and showed it to them in their store. Since then I have been asking for replacement or money for the carpet there is hardly any response and these guys are now saying this may be a manufacturing problem hence we are not responsible.


Vogue store India

Didn't receive refund

Saw this social media website which offers and guarantees to deliver products. Ordered a belt in the colour of black but i have received it In brown colour . I kindly request the website to either refund my money or give me the product in the correct colour ordered .


Bharat Petroleum


i have used 100 CC Bajaj discover bike & I was refueled fuel dated 4th May 2022 time 16:15 to 16:45 between Rs.100/- but fuel refueled short. please i humble request to you send officers and check the fuel machines .Address: Plot No 33, near Sahakar Bazar, Sector 5, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708.Bharat Petroleum Corporation ltd.


Vishal Mega Mart

Prize charged was more than MRP

The MRP on fortune refined soyabean oil is 170 but the bill amount shows 184 rupees


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