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Defective split AC

Hello This is regarding my Electrolux AC purchased in the month of May 2015 from Ezone. From the month of June we started getting issues with the AC . Many Water drops coming out from AC front side instead coming out from drainage pipe. We called customer care and registered a complaint 3-4 times. Engineer comes and do his work but the result remains the same after running the AC for 2-3 hours. Also the remote display suddenly disappeared . Sometimes it comes automatically and sometimes it goes away for few days . We have also registered a complaint for defective remote also and the replacement will come after 15 days. Using Electrolux AC is such a harassment since we purchàsed . It seems we got a defective piece and looking for a replacement with refund of my money . This was a first time i bought split AC in my 36 years of life and was so happy about it but not thought of getting pain after purchasing such product. Sorry to say but I am totally unsatisfied and unhappy now that I wasted my hard earn money on this path



Payment not received

Many costumers are facing problem with your site I done my recharge since 2 have taken payment and still I don't receive recharge very very bad response since you don't have any contact no on website who will complain you? right? but I tell you People is not please stop this fraud



Contaminated water in 20 ltr. Jar

I have received several times contaminated water from bisleri even with live worms in 20 ltr. Jar. When complained to customer services they answered roughly saying they can't do anything . Dust particle is common in bisleri 20 ltr. Packing.



Wrong deduction from prepaid recharge

Got prepaid recharge of AIRTEL amounting Rs.200 on 8th July. Today we found that there is no balance. I checked the usages and found that I used approx. 36 minutes and right now on 19th it showing nil balance. How they deducted it not understandable . This is the easiest way to create wealth these service provider.



Unwanted daily call from different number

Daily I get at least 2 calls from Bajaj Finance representatives for various schemes. The worst part is that I am getting the calls for different mobile numbers so I can't even block them. I am fed of taking these calls. Please could you ask you representatives not to call someone unnecessarily, If in future i have any requirement then i will give a call and take your services but stop calling me on daily basis, its become annoying now for me, when I said that I don't need any scheme why you keep calling us? As per the TRAI guideline company should you special number for promitional calling; why your associates are calling from Mobile numbers?And when i shown disagreement from your services why i am getting daily call, if its not going to stop soon i have to go by some legal action then



Less Filling of Petrol, Refusal to provide Complaint Book, Harassment at Filling Station

on 19th July 2015, at about 1.00 PM, I went to Sharma Filling Station, Near Shri Ram Sharnam, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana, (Punjab) to purchase Petrol for my I-10 Car for Rs. 500/=. The salesman, Raja Babu, at this Pump started filling petrol in my car. I noticed that petrol was continuously leaking drop by drop thru the nozzle & was getting wasted/falling on the floor. I brought this fact to the notice of the said salesman who just ignored my words and continued sipping his cup of tea and eating biscuits. Approximately 100-120 ML petrol was wasted during this process. After having filled petrol for Rs. 500/= the said salesman demanded Rs. 500/= from me. I objected and expressed my grievances to all the salesmen available there. I requested them to provide me COMPLAINT BOOK and I wished to bring this fact in writing to the higher officials. About four Salesmen and one accountant, Sandeep Kumar, refused to provide me COMPLAINT BOOK. One salesman, aged about 30-35 years, who refused to disclose his name, threatened me with the words : "JAB FAMILY KE SAATH TRAVEL KARTE HAIN TO AISE JANJAT MEIN NAHI PADNA CHAHIYA, Paise do aur jao." I telephonically approached Sh. Ajinder Singh, Sales Officer, (M-94632-69724) who very patiently attended to me over phone and assured me to resolve this issue. I got badly harassed with the way I was attended to at this Filling Station. Hoping for a justice and fair dealing. S K Babbar 98720-85260



Not providing any tips

Sir i have paid Rs. 15, 000/- to your company for icici bank account for intraday equity in cash segment but they are not providing any support. But Mr. Janardhan spoke to me and he gave two days calls in futers and option segment. Please change my intraday to futuers and options and assign it to Mr. janardhan sir to look after it. Thanking You,



Balance deduction

My idea prepaid cell no is ***********.i was using idea night 3g pack but Company deducted my balance of around 100 rs. On 19 of july 2015 without any cause. And its customer helpline is not responsive. I want to refund my money with inconvenience allowances.



Body metal discoulered

Dear sir i beg to say that i have been perchaged galexy core 2mobile on 30.07.14 but with one year the silver body metal have discolered .it wnt know as a coustmer that havy costly phone have been made so thired class matal . is very embaras



Aqua Guard Servicing Delays for 13 days & Every Call to Call Centre they provide Promises which in end turns into Fake

​From: Mayur Kewalchandji Nahar Date: Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 6:24 PM Subject: Re: Very Urgent Request / Complain To: (email hidden) ​​ A Highly 3d Grade Services by Aqua guard really, how many calls U'll want me to make, how many emails?? I would like to ask U Do U'll really have Any Corporate Values or customer service levels or Do U really maintain Customer Relationship? or Just make Fake Promises everyday by day? My problem isn't still solved out till date, though promises by Ur Customer Service Executives many times & many emails by me. What sense it makes for U to keep a client calling & waiting? Hope At-least U'll reply this email On Sat, Aug 8, 2015 at 9:25 AM, Mayur Kewalchandji Nahar wrote: Still the same problem persists, It really makes no sense trusting Ur name & Ur services, Ur Guy Laxman had again installed a motherboard as according to him motherboard had got corrupted but it again wasn't working, so 2 days back he again took back the motherboard assuring to replace on the day itself, still he is arriving, have called him several times later but says the same thing & even had called Ur Customer care but no Use. It's really a horrible experience, Please escalate my request. On Aug 4, 2015 8:06 PM, "Mayur Kewalchandji Nahar" wrote: Really a Very Bad Experience or can simply say worst experience with U'll. Worst service seen till date from any co. I guess I had made a real mistake by Trusting Ur so called name aqua guard. With so many requests, still no guy from Ur end has turned up, though requesting U so many times by calls & emails & all, But no use. My real Mistake was Trusting Ur name. On Aug 3, 2015 9:52 AM, "Mayur Kewalchandji Nahar" wrote: > > Contract Receipt No. 10 / 23053332 > Name - Nahar Consultancy > Add - 209, 2nd Floor, Ashok Bhavan CHS, Bhaji Gali, B. P. X Road No. 3, Bhayander-East. Thane-401105 > ​Registered Mob No - ***********​ > > ​Correspondence ​ > Mob: +91 *********** > > ​Ur Guy Singh had arrived on 29/07/2015,


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